Sirena-Travel GDS

Sirena-Travel GDS

TCH session

BSP session

 Airline session
 Charter Sales System "MySirena" Graphic Terminal 
Booking system Oxygen  Internet-booking    engine "FORS"        XML-gateway     "WS - Gate"
Customer loyalty system "Loyalty" Hosting Revenue management system Sirena.Revenue
Electronic Multipurpose Document "EMD"

Inventory system Sirena-2000

Graphic Terminal "GUI"

Resource allocation in Inventory center service

 PNL/ADL creating and sending 
Electronic Ticket Server "ETS"
System "Statistics"  Online Ticket Data Interchange Specifications Handbook
DCS "Аstra" registration system Leonardo Payments system "MyPayments"
  Messaging System  

News & Events

Please be informed about the launch of a new version of the terminal  “Sirena-Travel “ 1.65b (Rev.2) with the following...
"Dear Sir and Madam! Please note the changes in the pass control at the Russian-Ukrainian border. According to the current...
The company "Sirena-Travel" starts the implementation of program «CMS - ClientMarketingSupport» for airlines, agencies and airports, which are our customers...
For several years, „Sirena-Travel“ and  "Uzbekistan Airways» have close economic and friendly relations. During the joint project on  implementation of...
Airline "Izhavia" launched into commercial operation booking module Oxygen. The implementation of Oxygen, and its further is accomplishedon the "standard"...

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