Sirena-Travel, a leading Russian distribution system, and Travelport, a provider of a wide range of services to companies that conduct business in the international tourism industry, have signed an innovative strategic agreement that involves the creation of a new unique resource called Sirena-Travel International. Two travel industry technology leaders have agreed upon a strategic partnership in order to expand opportunities for the sale of international air transportation in the Russian Federation and to provide a wider distribution for foreign airlines in Russia.

With the help of Sirena-Travel International more than 17,000 agency terminals, including more than 11,500 terminals of agencies accredited in Air Transport Settlement System (ATSS), became an opportunity of easy and cost-effective access to the content of international airlines around the world, provided by Travelport. Sirena-Travel users, which implemented terminals of international reservation systems for sales of international travel content, can now avoid additional expenses associated with the use of other GDS terminals.

Sirena-Travel International system involves the use of all existing mechanisms of searching and booking of tickets, including interlining, electronic tickets issuance and payment, as well as reporting, with all processes based on the familiar platform Sirena-Travel. The costs of training Russian speaking users are minor, since the access to the international air travel content is granted through the familiar Sirena-Travel interface in Russian and with the usual set of commands.

Sirena-Travel International project provides international airlines that collaborate with Travelport, operating two platforms - Galileo and Worldspan, with an opportunity of a wider distribution in the Russian Federation. The distribution is accomplished through a network of travel agencies that implement Sirena-Travel terminals, and total over 7,000 points of sale across the Russian Federation, including small regional agencies that previously lacked the opportunities to sell international travel content.

The launch of the international resource took place in January 2011, the launch of the project in a neutral session of GDS Sirena-Travel was in July 2011.
In addition to the implementation of Sirena-Travel International project, the alliance partners are also considering the possibility of promotion of mechanisms to increase the operation efficiency of the Russian airlines through a series of new joint technology solutions. One of these solutions is the Travelport gateway of electronic ticketing that Sirena-Travel can offer to Russian airlines even today. The gateway allows airlines to implement the e-ticket interline technology.

Nowadays more than 300 agencies are selling successfully international air transportation of more than 90 foreign airlines through the GDS Sirena-Travel.

Press Release

Sirena Travel Internationaltp1

The new alliance formed by two leaders of global travel industry should be a significant support for participants of the Russian tourist market.

Sirena-Travel, Russia's largest domestic global distribution system (GDS), and Travelport, the business services provider to the global travel industry, today jointly announced the signing of a ground-breaking strategic partnership which includes the immediate creation of "Sirena-Travel International, powered by Travelport". The two industry leaders decided to form the strategic partnership in order to work together to enhance the current international travel booking process in Russia and create more efficient distribution for airlines.

Through "Sirena-Travel International", Russian travel agents using one of Sirena's 16,000 booking terminals to book domestic flights, will be able to sell global air content negotiated and distributed by Travelport via their existing terminals. Significantly, it is estimated that the new link to international content will provide more than 40 per cent of Sirena-Travel's connected agents with the ability to book international flights for the first time. Other domestic-focussed Sirena-Travel users, already selling international flights as an add-on service through separate terminals, will no longer have the additional costs associated with running separate domestic and international GDS platforms.

The new Sirena-Travel International system offers comprehensive booking capabilities, including interlining, electronic ticketing, reporting and payment – all in a familiar booking environment. Minimal user training is required as the international air content is integrated into the agent's everyday workflow processes and all desktop tools and commands remain in Cyrillic.

For international airlines working with Travelport, operator of both the Galileo and Worldspan GDS platforms, the new Sirena-Travel/Travelport tie-up gives them deeper distribution throughout Russia via Sirena-Travel's large network of travel agencies spanning 7,000 locations across the country. Included in this network are numerous small, regional, travel businesses which have previously been unable to sell international flights.

As part of today's announcement, Travelport and Sirena-Travel confirmed that two major international carriers had already signed up to make their full published fares and inventory available in the new solution. Many other airlines have also indicated a strong interest in participation, recognising the value of deepening their distribution in Europe's fastest growing travel region where GDS bookings continue to grow yearly by around 20 per cent (source MIDT). Travelport is now working through a list of priority international carriers in order to integrate their content into Sirena-Travel International in time for the full industry launch to Russian travel agents this autumn.

Travelport´s Managing Director for Eastern Europe, Niklas Andreen, explained: "Our recent consumer market research in Russia has shown major frustrations amongst Russian travellers over the lack of information available and the time it takes when making a flight booking. We're therefore delighted to be partnering with Russia's leading domestic GDS to offer the local travel industry a remedy to this challenge via Sirena-Travel International.

"Today's announcement is very much a continuation of our ongoing investment strategy and focus on this region and our preferred approach of partnering with strong, local players to expand our offering. Through this partnership, Travelport is able to support a new category of largely domestic-focused travel agents and airlines in addition to the existing customer base we continue to support through Travelport's Galileo offering."

Marina Volodina, Director of the Commercial Department, JSC Sirena-Travel, added: "Agents remain the major booking channel in Russia so it really does make sense to enable them to work more efficiently in order to maximize their incomes, We're confident that this new solution will prove to be extremely popular amongst our users, particularly those who only have access to domestic content at the moment."

In addition to the creation of Sirena-Travel International, the two organizations are also jointly reviewing how they can serve the Russian airline industry in a more cost-effective way through a range of technical solutions. The first such solution already in place is Travelport's industry leading "Interline E-Ticketing Interchange" which Sirena-Travel will start to market to Russian airlines. The Interline E-ticketing Interchange translates all interline e-ticketing messages that take place between carriers thereby reducing the costs to airlines. Other airline solutions are expected to be jointly announced through the Sirena Travel/Travelport strategic partnership over the coming months.

"The Russian travel industry continues to grow and mature and we have been having a number of very interesting conversations with both travel agents and airlines for some time now. For us it made perfect sense to support our extensive customer base by entering into a strategic partnership with one of the leading GDS players in the world and I'm confident we've found the right partner in Travelport," concluded Mikhail Baskakov, General Director, CJSC Sirena-Travel.


In August 2009, Sirena-Travel GDS was accredited in IATA BSP Russia and got the right to issue tickets of airlines members of IATA BSP Russia. Successful collaboration of Sirena-Travel with Travelport, one of the world's largest global distribution systems, enabled to implement the idea of integrating the Russian air travel market into the international information and technology space, and provided the framework for creating Sirena-Travel International project. 

1. What is Sirena-Travel International?

Sirena-Travel International is a product of a strategic partnership between Sirena-Travel JSC and Travelport.
As part of the project, the companies implemented online interaction between Sirena-Travel GDS and Galileo GDS. The aim of this project is to increase the opportunities of international airline tickets’ sales in the Russian Federation from Sirena-Travel terminals, and enable a deeper distribution of foreign airlines, presented in Galileo GDS.

2. What advantages Sirena-Travel int. offers to the agent?

  • No office division into «domestic transportation booking» and «international transportation booking». To date, you can book in Sirena-Travel GDS both domestic and international transportation. 
  • Resource costs reduction by using only one reservation system
  • No need of special trainig/retraining for sales of international air carries, no need of personal, specialzing on sales in international GDS 
  • Sales of international transportations in offices, which earlier sold only domestic transportation using Sirena-Travel GDS 

3. Can any agent connect to Sirena-Travel International?

Any agent that has a Sirena-Travel terminal can book international content in Sirena-Travel International
• Tickets can be issued:
3.1. in neutral TCH session
3.2. in neutral BSP session 
3.3. through interline technology in the session of airline
According to claims 3.2. and 3.2. travel agent must confirm his or her rights to use this or that form (for ticket issuing) in Sirena-Travel GDS (see the clause 9). 

4. How does Sirena-Travel International resource work?

- Global travel content in Sirena-Travel International is available for viewing within standard terminal of Sirena-Travel GDS in any session: TCH, BSP or airline session
- Booking and issuing of tickets of any foreign airline is accomplished using the set of commands and queries familiar to the agents working in Sirena-Travel GDS.
The specifics of air transportation sales within "Sirena-Travel International" you can find hier

5. What Airlines have already become members of Sirena-Travel International?

Sirena-Travel International allows you to book flights and arrange air travel with airlines members of IATA BSP Russia. List of airlines whose resources are available for booking and sale within this project is published and regularly updated in the relevant section
• Galileo GDS, containing resources of over 500 airlines (about 100 of them are current members of IATA BSP Russia), provides the content of international airlines for booking and sales from Sirena-Travel terminals
• The two airlines that first started selling their content through Sirena-Travel International are British Airways and Lufthansa
• The list of Airlines members of Sirena-Travel International Project is growing

6. What is the cost of booking segments of international flights in Sirena-Travel International for travel agents using Sirena-Travel GDS?

For users of Sirena-Travel GDS:
• connection to Sirena-Travel International is free of charge
• booking segments of international flights in Sirena-Travel International is free of charge

7. What degree of reliability and efficiency can one expect from air content booking and issuance through Sirena-Travel International?

• Galileo and Sirena-Travel systems provide online interaction of all segments of the given process, including connection to the airline's e-ticket server, and ensure highly qualitative performance and reliability in booking and e-ticket issuance processes
• E-tickets issued in Sirena-Travel International can be viewed in any other global distribution system (GDS), with which the airline has a link

8. How is reporting about reservation in Sirena-Travel int. peformed?

All data reporting, available to date for an agent of Sirena-Travel GDS, will also contain the data about booking and sales in "Sirena-Travel international".
Besides this, in appropriation sections of accounting information resource IATA BSPLink will be shown the data on transporation sales "Sirena-Travel International."

9. What kind of documentation describes the specifics of the Sirena-Travel International work?

  • Updated working documentation "Instruction of the cashier for working with "Sirena-Travel " GDS for the cashiers working with the resource "Sirena-Travel International"
  • Also, special features when sale of transportation in Sirena-Travel International project in the neutral session of TCH are presented in "Technologies for choosing the settlement code in a neutral session"
  • For the "quick start" in BSP session, a special document was developed with a description of the differences in performance compared to other sessions in "Sirena-Travel" GDS
These documents are placed in the "Documentation" section below..

10. How to connect to Sirena-Travel International?

10.1.For agents accredited in IATA BSP.

10.2. If the agent has already the signed Agreement with JSC Sirena-Travel to connect to Sirena-Travel Global Distribution System (GDS), he needs:

1.To sign a relevant Agreement for  BSP session;
2.To fill and send the application to JSC Sirena-Travel for perfomance of consoles/operators description in Sirena-Travel GDS (the application form in the Annex to the Agreement) in BSP session;
3.Notify in writing the BSP administration  (as established by organization) of its intention to sell electronic tickets through Sirena-Travel GDS.
10.2.2. The agency of BSP, not signed yet the Agreement with JSC Sirena-Travel for connection to Sirena-Travel GDS, needs: 
1. Sign an Agreement with JSC Sirena-Travel for access to Sirena-Travel GDS in order to get an unique agency code in Sirena-Travel. 
2. Follow the points 1-3 in clause 10.2.

10.3. Not accredited in BSP agency, needs:
connect for cooperation any agency, accredited in IATA BSP.  

List of Airlines

  IATA Airline     IATA Airline
1 A3 Aegean Airlines   70 JP* Adria Airways
2 AB Air Berlin   71 JU* JAT Airways
3 AT Royal Air Maroc   72 KA* Dragonair
4 AY Finn Air   73 KL* KLM
5 AZ Alitalia   74 KQ* Kenya Airways
6 CX Cathay Pacific Airways   75 KU* Kuwait Airways
7 EY Etihad   76 LA* LAN Airlines
8 HR Hahn Air Lines   77 LG* Luxair
9 HU Hainan Airlines   78 LI* LIAT
10 HX Hong Kong Airlines   79 LO* LOT Polish Airlines
11 IB Iberia   80 LR* Lacsa
12 KE Korean Air   81 LX* Swiss International Air Lines
13 KK Atlasjet Airlines   82 MD* Air Madagaskar
14 KM Air Malta   83 ME* Middle East Airlines
15 LH Lufthansa   84 MF* Xiamen Airlines
16 MS Egyptair   85 MH* Malaysia Airlines
17 OK Czech Airlines   86 MI* Silk Air
18 W2 Flex Flight APS   87 MK* Air Mauritius
19 2K* Aerogal   88 NF* Air Vanuatu
20 2L* Helvetic Airways   89 NT* Binter Canarias
21 2W* Welcome Air   90 NX* Air Macau
22 3L* Intersky   91 OA* Olympic Air
23 4M* Aero 2000 SA   92 OU* Croatia Airlines
24 4Q* Safi Airways   93 OV* Estonian Air
25 4U* Germanwings   94 OZ* Asiana Airlines
26 5H* Five Fourty Aviation   95 PG* Bankog Airways
27 7I* Insel Air   96 PR* Philippine Airlines
28 7V* Pelican Air Services   97 PW* Precision Air
29 8U* Afriqiyah Airways   98 PY* Surinam Airways 
30 9W* Jet Airways (India)   99 PZ* Transportes Aereos del Mercosu
31 AF* Air France   100 QR* Qatar Airways
32 AI* Air India   101 QS* Smartwings
33 AM* Aeromexico   102 QV* Lao Airlines
34 AP* Air One   103 RJ* Royal Jordanian
35 AR* Aerolineas Argentinas   104 RO* TAROM
36 AV* Avianca   105 S2* Jet Lite
37 B7* Uni Airways   106 S4* SATA International
38 BD* BMI British Midland   107 SA* South African Airways
39 BE* Flybe   108 SB* Air Caledonie International
40 BI* Royal Brunei Airlines   109 SC* Shandong Airlines
41 BP* Air Botswana   110 SK* SAS Scandinavian Airlines
42 BR* Eva Airways   111 SN* Brussels Airlines
43 BW* Caribbean Airlines   112 SQ* Singapore Airlines
44 CA* Air China   113 SS* Corsair
45 CI* China Airlines   114 ST* Germania
46 CM* Compania Panamena De Aviacion   115 SX* Skywork Airlines AG
47 CX* Cathay Pacific Airways   116 TA* TACA International Airlines
48 CY* Cyprus Airways   117 TF* Malmo Aviation
49 CZ* China Southern Airlines   118 TG* Thai Airways
50 D6* Interair South Africa   119 TK* Turkish Airlines
51 DC* Golden Air   120 TU* Tunisair
52 EI* Aer Lingus   121 UP* Bahamasair
53 ET* Ethiopian Airlines   122 UU* Air Austral
54 F7* Flybaboo SA Geneve   123 UX* Air Europa
55 FI* Icelandair   124 V0* CONVIASA
56 FJ* Air Pacific   125 V7* Volotea
57 FM* Shanghai Airlines   126 VA* Volare Airlines
58 FS* Syphax Airlines S A   127 VN* Vietnam Airlines
59 GF* Gulf Air   128 VR* TACV Cabo Verde Airlines
60 HM* Air Seychelles   129 VS* Virgin Atlantic Airways
61 I5* Compagnie Aerienne du Mali   130 W3* Arik Air
62 IE* Solomon Airlines   131 WM* Windward Islands Airways
63 IG* Meridiana   132 WY* Oman Air
64 IY* Yemenia Yemen Airways   133 XL* Lan Ecuador Aerolane
65 IZ* Arkia Israeli Airlines   134 XQ* Sun Express
66 J8* Berjaya Air   135 YM* Montenegro Airlines
67 JA* BH Airlines   136 ZI* Aigle Azur
68 JJ* TAM Linhas Aereas   137 UA* United Airlines
69 JL* Japan Airlines        


Commercial operation* — issuance of tickets on the ticket stocks of interline partners

For notes and restrictions on issuing tickets on HR stock, please visit



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