The new era of technology solutions in  tourism industry is best characterized by  high-tech electronic mobile devices solutions, that enables a  traveler/passenger to reserve for himself the travel  in  a real time.  This has given an opportunity to organize independent travel and transportation:  to search and make the request on the airline's Web sites, to evaluate quality and the costs.
But for today it is already not enough in order to completely satisfy a client, who wants to have individual products from airlines and travel agencies. Our client is armed to the teeth with a gadgets, which enables to perform the bookings and payments for hotels, transportation and other travel services staying at home.  Is a travel ready to meet the needs of her clients? – „Yes“ – will say the airline- “I can offer a products for traveler of a new era, I know what the client needs and the services he wishes. And the name of this product – Leonardo!

Leonardo is a new system of the next generation PSS and offers a real alternative to existing systems (systems designed into the mainframe architecture). This system responds to any airlines changes and enables them to  determine their own unique business models.
Leonardo offers agility and personalization of services delivered, what is a requests of new technology era. The new PSS is designed from the ground up and uses the latest innovations of open architecture technologies, offering to airline the PSS free from the constraints of traditional systems. (Sabre, SITA, etc.).
The main purpose of investment to Leonardo  system  both using and ownership is a considerable increase of airline revenue  and  focus on client. The using of advanced technology in new solution provides the implementation of these features, but is not the limit in development.

What is this PSS and what preferences for airlines will provide the ownership of Leonardo system? First of all it is a set of products that enables  airlines to  sale personalized services for passengers through its own Reservation channel in her ticket offices, customer support centers and through corporate clients. This is E-Commerce with its unique feature to work on computers, laptops and mobile devices, including smart phones. New era means a new sale requirements: mobility, timeliness, the individual cost and quantity services on board and at the airport! „ Did you enjoyed your list flight and are you pleased with a tariff?  You can choose the same tariff again or do you want to have higher service?  You are welcome: you can get a personal discount, individual meals, WiFi, books or movies on board or may be flowers to the aircraft ladder? You are welcome!" Is not it what a passenger wishes? With the individual services the passenger feel himself more confident, as a member of „ airline family”.  All this enables such product as Loyality, CRM, Messaging, Leonardo.

The competent Revenue management is one the most important task to be successful and competitive in the market. For this purpose Leonardo offers the product Revenue Management Systems (RMS). This is not a seamless product integration to the system core, it’s a part of  Leonardo Inventory system. Management processes to booking class availability is managed directly from the interface of the resource management Inventory.
The core of the system - a set of standard business processes with a highest automation degree. Airlines just need to determine their services strategy on markets or flights and in cooperation with partners, to enter this parameters into the system, which  then generates  automatically the schedule, resources and registration of places. Business rules is a centre of the system, that determine the main parameters and  will help to perform automatically  the complex transfer accordance with a  changes  in airline schedules and etc. There  consolidated products Schedules, Inventory, Reservation, Fares, Ticketing, EMD and Departure control - Core Services  are in Leonardo system.

The products of Leonardo system can be  integrated with external business systems based on their API.

The first implementation of  Leonardo products  is scheduled for late 2013.

2014 year was marked by the beginning of mass implementations of Leonardo PSS in airlines. E-Commerce product line for airlines and travel agencies was significantly improved and extended.

In 2015 year 15 million passengers boarded were recorded in Leonardo.