Premiera is an automated system for reservation and sale of tickets for sport and entertainment events.

With a view to developing and expanding the range of its services for ticket agents and resource holders, Sirena-Travel offers an additional service, Premiera AS, which is an automated system for booking and sales of tickets for sports and entertainment events.

Premiera software is a unique, modern and universal tool for distribution and realization of seat resources that can be implemented in the organization of sporting and cultural events and stands for optimization and higher efficiency of the processes involved.

The major distinguishing feature of this software product is its universality in terms of resources distribution of organizations dealing with sporting and cultural events.

Premiera AS allows to fully automatise ticketing for entertainment establishments of any type:
  • Theaters
  • Movie theaters
  • Concert halls
  • Stadiums
  • Nightclubs
  • Other establishments
 Premiera AS is a Client-Server software, which means that
  • The system represents one or more servers that host their sources database;
  • Access to the servers via Sirena-Travel network or Internet is provided to dozens of thousands of locations, geographically situated far away from each other, and from servers and software technical support centers;
  • A terminal allowing the operator to use the database hosted on the server is installed at a workplace of each user.
Work with Premiera AS is divided into three components:
  • Accommodation and management of seat resources (system administration);
  • Sales of seat resources;
  • Reporting, working with archive, and processing of statistical data (statistics).
Premiera AS allows the ticket agent to implement the following functions:
  •  booking
  •  ticket sales
  •  season ticket order (ticket for several events)
  •  season ticket sales
  •  return of ordered tickets
  •  return of sold tickets
  •  accounting of ordered, sold, and available seats
  •  control over tariffs and discounts
  •  accounting of tickets
  •  operator reporting

The system allows you to order and sale seasons tickets, that’s means a set of tickets for several events.It should be noted that ticket sales tool can be configured either as a cashier terminal or as a fully functional online shop with the possibility of online payment. The system supports the issuing of both paper and electronic tickets.
Premiera has an easy to use, intelligible graphical user interface (GUI). When ordering and selling tickets, Premiera AS allows to select a seat on the layout (plan) of the building, where the event will take place, and using the control elements on the screen, complete an order and arrange the sale.

The system provides the user with updated information on ticket sales for any part of the facility, where the event will be carried out.
For this purpose, the visual color indication on the building layout is used. Besides, further information on the ticket sales status can be obtained by hovering the cursor over the name of the facility. You will see the information on the total number of seats in the selected parts of the building/facility, the number of available / sold seats, the number of ordered and booked seats, as well as the tariffs, the availability of discounts and the number of seats available for each tariff.

Ticket issuing and payment can be separated in time, i.e. there is a possibility to order a ticket by providing the name and certain personal information, and purchase the ticket later on. The system provides a unique order number for all events and facilities. Thus the system allows you to book seats for various events in one order. 
All seats sold with Premiera AS may be returned for sale by selecting appropriate locations on the layout and pressing a button. Premiera AS has an effective reporting system. The sales report is automatically generated at the end of the cashier shift.

More detailed information can be obtained from instruction in the appropriate section.
For further information on the Premiera AS installation and resource allocation in Premiera AS please contact us  per tel.: +7 (499) 706-80-23, 706-88-28

Sirena Travel GDS holds copyright on Premiera AS.