PNL (Passenger Name List) contains data about passengers on a certain flight, booking class, transport documents numbers, remarks of special services and other related information. PNL is designed to send information to the passenger registration system (DCS) of certain airport till certain flight check-in begin at that airport.

ADL (Additional Name List) contains information about the changes in PNL and data about passenger’s number at the moment the list was formed.
PNL / ADL are formed in inventory system  "Sirena-2000" meet the IATA standards (IATA Resolution 1707/1708) and can be received and processed by any passengers registration system which meets the international standards.

PNL / ADL sending is possible to a several addresses and through various network paths, including enforced path SITA and ARINC.
Inventory system "Sirena-2000" enables to set the frequency of PNL reporting and sending for any time before departure the Airlines needs. Recommended time of  PNL sending - 24 hours before departure. ADL sending is proceeding in proportion to booking information changes in inventory system in seating sales and refund.