This system is a special application of Sirena – Travel GDS based on XML protocol use, which enables to build request and to interpret GDS responses on a website. Using this system, customers create their own on-line services reservation and registration of passenger air transportation on scheduled and charter flights.

Sirena Travel CJSC offers a special functionality for charter flights booking and E-ticket issuing.  Internet - booking engine FORS enables to transform agency website from information resource into a powerful and flexible direct sales tool.

The main function of the system:

 -Providing with information about transportation, seats availability on the chosen route, and their costs according the categories of passenger and agency fees in real time;
- Reservations of chosen air  transportation;
- Acquisition and desplay of reference data;
- Authorization and control of user’s access;
- Notification to concerned parties about created reservations;
- The ability to manage booked transportation and user's personal data through your personal account;
- Transfer data about payment of booked transportation to reservation system;
- E-ticketing through TCH, BSP, airlines session;

The system includes the following software modules:

• Reservation module;
• Reference module;
• Module management configuration system.

There are two operational modes of the Internet-modules in the system:

1) Airlines mode works only with information of certain airline; 
2) Agency mode works with information of all airlines, whose resource is available in Sirena Travel GDS.

BACK OFFICE is a system created for dataware of online - booking modules, for managing configurations of operations with bookings created by these modules for receiving reports.
System  BACKOFFICE has two types of users for the company employees, that owns the website with integrated online – booking module:

There are two user-defined type in BACK OFFICE system:

1)  Site Admin 
2)  Site Manager

• Control access right to administrating and operating of sales site;
• Flexible booking script configuration, indicate the the operating stages  for site users;
• Managing availability of tariffs at online sale;
• Total integration with e-ticketing technology ETS Sirena-2000;
definition of functional for offices  that issue tickets, possibility of programming such features as delivery and additional fee collection is available;
•Integrated into sole interface monitoring program of reservations, created on the site. Provides the reservation's status tracking, high quality guarantees of passengers service, avoiding of any error situations;
• Online efficiency,  easy access to the sales statistic via website;
• Forms of payment: cash, credit card, invoice and connection to other payment types, such as "e-money";
• Easy creation a multi-language versions of website.

Procedure of commissioning of internet - booking engine FORS 

1) Conclusion of Agreement or of Supplementary Agreement with Sirena-Travel CJSC,
2 ) Terminal connection to Sirena-Travel GDS using XML-gate,
3) The software module acquisition,
4) Installation the required software on a web-server,
5) Set up of configuration file,

6) Acquisition of site administrator access to the specialized resource

7) Setting the website parameters on a dedicated resource

Web - pages of your online booking website can be located both on the client technical resources and on the process platform Sirena-Travel. In the latter case, Sirena-Travel guarantees high availability and high quality support of your internet service. This service is optional and available for an additional charge.

Advantages of  hosting services:

• Powerful server involves: high processing speed,
• Lack of communication problems in the integration with Sirena-Travel GDS,
• Two independent Internet - providers, which increases the the service accessability, 
• Our support: software configuration, availability monitoring, 
• Versions updating at client discretion (either / or)
- Automatic installation
- On request
• No need purchase equipment,
• Cost saving on employees payment,  who are skilled  in applied technology,
• Skilled staff of  Sirena-Travel CJSC.

If you have any questions regarding Internet - booking engine FORS application, please contact commercial department Sirena-Travel CJSC per Tel. +7 (495) 782-13-15 or under E-mail: 

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If you have any questions concerning Internet - booking engine FORS support, please contact our call-center per Tel. +7 (495) 363-32-67 - from 8:00 till 20:00 (Moscow time). E-mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please specify in your mail the website URL (ID site), online client ID and your contact details.