The growth of passenger and baggage check-in through the DCS ASTRA demonstrates a steady positive trend for several months. Only in July  were registered 4 million 200 thousand passengers  in this system, which is an excellent indicator  and allows to develop this service confidently in the future. The developers and technical specialists supporting this project, guarantee its significant potential and prospects for expanding the functionality in the future.
To date, the system of passenger and baggage check-in DCS ASTRA is operated in more than 240 airports in Russia, CIS and abroad.

The system is designed and operates in accordance with IATA resolutions and rules (1707, 1708, etc.), supports all types of standard messages that enable registration systems to interact with backup systems and provide a full set of functions inherent to the systems of this type.
Along with a typical set of functions, DCS ASTRA is distinguished by its high mobility, reliability and ease of operation, as well as the ease of adaptation of the complex's software to the needs of the airport and the organization of interaction with equipment and existing services.