As part of the exhibition, Sirena-Travel presented at its stand an innovative development - “Transhost” system for the effective management of transport resources and carrier assets and organization of transport services sale in various areas of transport. Thanks to the use of this product, passengers will receive a full range of services from the forming a personal offer to controlling the quality of service on board. The main task of the system is to organize a fundamentally new scheme for connecting various types of transport when issuing a single travel document to any pass-through route on the territory of Russia - by plane, steamboat, bus / train or helicopter.
This decision should be considered as part of the strategy for the formation and development of the national transport infrastructure and the participation of Sirena-Travel in this global project.

At the industry conference organized by Rosaviation were discussed the existing technologies developed by Sirena-Travel specialists and successfully used in more than 50 airlines in Russia and abroad.

The main topic was the transition to Russian booking, reservation and sale programs.

Representatives of the Federal Air Transport Agency, the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, deputies of the State Duma and the Council of the Federation, Managers of TCH PJSC, Rostec, Sirena-Travel CJSC, Aeroflot Russian Airlines, Rossiya Airlines, Siberia Airlines PJSC, UTair PJSC, Ural Airlines Airlines JSC, Russian Railways JSC and others. Oleg Panteleev, editor-in-chief of the authoritative Internet resource AviaPort and leading industry expert, was invited to moderate the meeting.

 Invited speakers talked about supporting the transition to modern domestic systems and technologies for booking and selling services of air carriers - both at the legislative level and directly in industry production with the active participation of the state or private investors, discussed promising to date similar solutions, used by airlines.

The event raised issues and problems faced by airlines in their activities in the implementation of the Federal Law N152 "On Personal Data". In this regard, the presentation of the General Director of Sirena-Travel, Baskakov M., leading Russian developer of modern reservation systems, became a clear message to the participants of this market: in a situation where existing economic and political challenges and realities require solutions that fully meet the interests of the country, industry and specific passengers, the need to use domestic systems and technologies is undeniable.
But the most important thing is that such technologies already exist, they are successfully developed and used by more than 50 airlines in Russia and abroad. This is confirmed by the data of Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsia)  - more than 30 million segments were sold through the Sirena Travel system in 2018.
Of course, there are a number of problems and tasks that need to be solved in order to fully satisfy the requests of airlines, especially such large ones as Aeroflot or S7 Airlines, in terms of the functionality of the booking and sale system, while significantly increasing the volume of data processing. But all this in general is completely achievable goal. To confirm this, Mr. Baskakov presented data on the current operation of Sirena-Travel system and its components.

But the main result of the discussion of such an important and topical issue - the transition to the domestic distribution system - was a clear understanding by all market participants that the transition would take place, its timing was probably final,  there is an understanding of what tasks need to be worked out to ensure the execution of the law. Airlines will have to make their choice and build their strategy for the transition period, taking into account all possible solutions. Software developers are ready for an open dialogue - this was demonstrated by a broad discussion at the conference.