July 2013

The seminar was held in Tyumen in cooperation with Tyumen Central Agency of Air Services.  Besides  Sirena-Travel CJSC in seminar took part Transaero Airlines and Vnukovo airport. The seminar covered issues of selling the complex air transportation, both domestic and international. The representatives of the Vnukovo airport reported about the service for transfer passengers at the airport and plans for airport development. 
Presentations of Transaero airlines covered the theme of transfer fees,  which are the part of  M2 agreement between  "Transaero", " UTair " and Vnukovo airport. 

Also in July the  representatives of  Sirena -Travel CJSC participated in the seminar "Development of a regional program of air transportation in Yekaterinburg", organized by Management Company "Airports of the Regions" for travel agents in different regions.

June 2013.

The participation of Sirena-Travel CJSC at  the seminar held in cooperation with Transaero JSC and Vnukovo airport JSC. The seminar theme: "M2-VKO - transfer air transportation  within M2 agreement. Main issues discussed at the seminar - sales of  transfer air transportation via Vnukovo airport, tariffs under the agreement M2 and tariffs within the SPA, concluded by Transaero airline.

May 2013.

Presentation of Sirena-Travel GDS and new products for the tourist- and travel- agencies held on 16 May 2013 in Kiev. In 2012 Sirena-Travel CJSC has received a certificate of technical compliance with the requirements of the BSP Ukraine (IATA BSP Ukraine). In the meeting with the major agencies of Ukraine have been demonstrated capabilities and some of the advantages of using Sirena-Travel GDS for sales of air transporation through the BSP Ukraine.

April 2013.

Off-site seminar in Sochi. The main issues discussed at the workshop : sale of international air transportation in neutral sessions (TCH and BSP) , transfer air transportation (including agreements M1 and M2) , secondary transactions with the tickets.

On 29 April , 2013 in the office of Sirena -Travel CJSC was held the seminar on " M2 -VKO - transfer air transportation  within M2 agreement ." The seminar was organised in cooperation with representatives of Transaero airlines . 

Februar 2013. 

Off-site seminar of Sirena-Travel CJSC was held in St. Petersburg.

In the Moscow office of Sirena-Travel CJSC was held the  seminar, organized in cooperation  with the airline "Aeroflot - Russian Airlines". Representatives of the airline presented to the audience new trends and plans for 2013. It were also discussed issues concerned of tickets issuing for different categories of citizens and secondary operations to tickets.

January 2013.

In January 2013, within the framework of the project "Sirena-Travel International" was held a meeting with the company Hahn Air, where was discussed e-tickets issuing of foreign airlines under the accounting code of their  "interline partner" Hahn Air company (169).  The sales of air transportation under accounting code 169 is available through Sirena-Travel GDS in neutral sessions TCH and BSP.