Sirena-Travel Company informs about harmonization of access under a single code for access to the neutral session for professional schools.

At the initiative of Sirena-Travel Company in cooperation with TCH of Russia was made a joint decision on assignment of a single code (45ТКП) to access to "Sirena-Travel" GDS in the neutral session for specialized educational institutions of higher and secondary special education, operating under the non-commercial partnership, in a training centre of "Sirena-Travel". In the future, while implementation of test and training sales to the each school will be assigned a unique code of a sale point, for example "92-1 6198 5".

This decision will significantly simplify the work in neutral session "Sirena-Travel" GDS and accelerate the processes of cards description of educational consoles and operators-students. Using the new regulations will eventually improve the quality of the educational process in the preparation of specialized professionals in the travel industry. 

Sirena-Travel Company informs about improvements in a software environment of GDS that provides the ability of forced addition of information on the Airport "Zhukovsky".

In connection with the opening of a regular air traffic through the Airport "Zhukovsky"/ ZIA code (city Ramenskoye) and taking into account the need for the timely exchange of relevant information among the GDS, providing high-quality, full-featured service for passengers and ensuring of commercial efficiency for airlines, as well as need for  creating a comfortable working environment for agency, was implemented the ability of providing the data, connected with  ZIA code in answers of system messages "Sirena-Travel" GDS on request:
1. Screen of seats availability on certain date
2. Tariff information on a city pairs
3. Assessment requests
This update is responding to official affiliation of Airport "Zhukovsky" to the city Ramenskoye, not to Moscow aviation hub.

Sirena-Travel Company held a visiting session of seminars and lectures for representatives of regional travel agencies, as well as for specialized high schools of Far East region (Khabarovsk).

Visiting session of lectures and seminars on "Methods for setting of business process for ticket sale with the use of modern IT solutions."

For students and teachers of the Department  "Social and cultural service and tourism" of Pacific State University and of the Khabarovsk filial of  "Saint Petersburg State University of Civil Aviation" were held  a block of training lectures on "business process" Sale of tickets " as one of the key components of tourism. Effective solutions and Sirena-Travel technology ". Teachers and future professionals was presented detailed information on build of a business process for the ticket sale through the different sales channels, taking into account the use of the most advanced technological practices. There were also considered examples of modelling of technological solutions and Sirena-Travel services for successful work in the market of sales of air transportation in the current economic conditions and in the near future.
Khabarovsk 2

Specialists of "Sirena-Travel" with the participation of representatives of "Khabarovsk Airlines" held a business seminar for the travel agents of Khabarovsk region, in which were considered the new seasonal tariffs of „Khabarovsk Airlines", there were also discussed branded fares from the leading Russian airline, their pricing by taking into account the aspects of the economy and air transportation routes, rules and features of issuing of additional services.
Khabarovsk 3

Live discussion demonstrated the need and usefulness of the meeting in this format in the future, the interest of the regional agency community to develop sales infrastructure with the use of complex technology solutions and products of Sirena-Travel.

Today the aviation community celebrates the International Day of Civil Aviation.

aviation day

About half a century has passed since that memorable date of December 7, when was signed a very important document, which has become later the basis for  creation of ICAO -  International Civil Aviation Organization. Today it is difficult to imagine the activities of airlines, airports, navigation and ground services without this rules and regulations that determine the activities of the world's aviation industry.
Sirena-Travel Company congratulates all employees of Civil Aviation, all those who involved in this industry, who performs air transportation and provides their safety, quality and efficiency!

Special offer from the airline "Aegean Airlines"

Airline Aegean Airlines (A3) informs about a special offer for all international flights to / from Larnaca.
Discount of 15% for departures in the period from 10.01.2017 till 31.01.2017
Discount of 25% for departures in the period from 02.01.2017 till 04.07.2017 and from 24.04.2017 till 22.06.2017

Period of sale is till December 5, 2016.
Discounts are valid for to all published fares and fuel surcharges applied to the flights between Moscow and Larnaca with a transfer in Athens /Thessaloniki.

Ticket sales of airline Aegean Airlines (A3) is available in  Sirena-Travel  GDS in TCH session.
Discounts are calculatedd automatically.
There is no need to enter additional options to the tariff request.

Aegean Airlines
Tel.: (495)139-87-90 

Sirena-Travel, JSC participated as a sponsor at the Festival MENASA 2016 (Dubai, 22-23 November 2016), organized by Terrapinn Middle East Company.

Following the strategy of access to international markets, Sirena-Travel company participated as a sponsor of the event Aviation Festival MENASA 2016 held at the hotel The Address Dubai Marina, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, on November 22-23, 2016. The organizer of the festival was  the Terrapinn Middle East company.
Aviation Festival Menasa
Aviation Festival MENASA  is a ever growing business area, which annually attracts more than 800 participants from around the world. Dubai is selected once again as the venue of this festival. It is the world's largest aviation hub and the geographical center of the region, including the North and East Africa, West and Central Asia. Due to its unique location, Dubai is a place of attraction for the region's business community.
The main carriers of the Middle East are traditionally the leaders of technological innovation. But in addition to the market flagships, Aviation Festival MENASA event brought together on one platform more than 150 representatives of airlines and airports from all over the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia.
Thus, the Aviation Festival in Dubai is an ideal place for technology providers to show their latest developments for the aviation industry. Sponsorship of "Sirena-Travel" in the Festival of Aviation Festival MENASA it is a positioning itself on the same level among the traditional "heavyweight" and industry leaders, as well as the possibility of direct communication with influential persons of the top management of the airlines of the Middle East.
Among the participants of the festival were such airlines as Air India, Middle East Airlines, All Nippon Airways, Solenta Aviation, Wasaya, Royal Brunei Airlines, Saudia Airlines and others.
Global presence  of "Sirena-Travel" on the representative industry marketplaces  ensured the participation of the company in the high-level international events. Only recently the international aviation community had an opportunity to get acquainted with the "Sirena-Travel" company's technological solutions and, above all with Leonardo PSS at such events as the New Generation of Airline Passenger Systems 2016, London; Aviation Festival Asia 2016, Singapore; Aviation Festival Americas 2016, Miami; Global Summit Aviation & Corporate Travel 2016, Amsterdam and others.

Sirena-Travel Company takes part in Buying Business Travel Awards Russia & CIS, the most important event of the year in business-travel, MICE and travel industry.

The theme of business and corporate tourism is definitely very close to us.  Our company operates worldwide business activity, we use the services of airlines and travel agencies for organizations of our trips. In this connection the quality of services, their optimization and transparent financial conditions are very important for us. Besides, we are also suppliers of services for the airlines and travel agencies as a leading Russian provider of IT technology in the aviation industry and as developer of technology solutions and software products in the field of tourism and business tourism as well.
We are very closely follow the development of this tourism branch, offering our customers technology and service solutions that fully meet their needs. Our position in this market is more than stable, we are developing dynamically.
Among our customers there are air carriers and travel agencies. Thus we can say that we are at the crossroads of the interests of the travellers’ community and can very well understand their needs in terms of implementation of all business processes and communications.
Especially important priority for Sirena-Travel Company are the programs of social responsibility and environmental protection. That's why we decided to support this nomination in Buying Business Travel Awards Russia & CIS. 
Especially important priority for Sirena-Travel Company are the programs of social responsibility and environmental protection. That's why we decided to support this nomination in Buying Business Travel Awards Russia & CIS. All nominees participating in the competition have a vast experience in tourism, well-deserved reputation. They actively develop not only commercially viable market strategy, but socially oriented projects as well. This gives an opportunity to significantly expand their presence in many segments of the market , both in Russia and abroad, to take an active position, to make an important step to improve our life now and in the future. 
We hope that in the future more companies will take part in a such projects and  will be able to take responsibility for the development of the social component of the business. It is very important for all of us.

Seminar of Sirena -Travel Company in Khabarovsk

Sirena-Travel, JSC will hold a seminar in the city Khabarovsk on December 1, 2016.  
The seminar will be dedicated to the sale of air transportation on branded fares, issuing of other additional services of air carriers.
During the programme there will be a presentation of the airline "Khabarovsk Airlines".

Sirena-Travel Company announces the successful start of operation of the system DCS Astra at Zhukovsky Airport for the flights handling services of "UVT Aero".

The first flight  of "UVT Aero" from  Zhukovsky Airport was registered through the terminal DCS Astra on November 1,  2016. Flight was operated on the route Moscow  - Kazan.
All works on implementation of DCS Astra, set up and check of scanning equipment, printing and storage of information were made by experts of the production department of CJSC "Sirena-Travel". Technological control of implementation was carried out directly at  Zhukovsky Airport in close cooperation with the staff of Airlines "UVT AERO".
DCS ASTRA is a modern multilingual host system, certificated for a number of shared platforms. The system provides complete check in procedure of the passenger and his baggage for 20 - 25 seconds, the flights maintenance in automatic mode.
DCS Astra runs in more than 227 airports in Russia and abroad and serves annually over 20 million passengers.
Zhukovsky Airport is a new fast growing airport of the Moscow aviation hub.

Sirena-Travel Company participated as a sponsor of the conference and exhibition «Global Summit Aviation & Corporate Travel 2016"

The event was organized in 2016 by the Association of Corporate Travel companies and Aviation CAPA-Centre.
The aim of cooperation of two companies is to collect the target audience of these events together, creating a new platform for business communication and, thus, to raise the profile of the event due to more intense and useful program. This partnership allowed analyse deeper the prospects for the strategic development of the commercial aviation industry and corporate travel.
The summit was attended by over 600 professionals of the tourism and airline industry from 40 countries. Key issues for discussion were the possibilities to reduce the cost of long-haul flights, the new information technologies in the travel industry, the specifics of competition in the future and many others. The participants answered, during discussions organized in the framework of the event, to the following questions:  how to satisfy the requirements of corporate customers and passengers in accordance to what today can offer airlines, what are the challenges of today's Asian market, which new solutions can offer software developers for the travel industry and many others questions.

Global Summit Aviation

Global Summit Aviation 2

The ambitious project of expansion of Sirena-Travel on the international markets and positioning of domestic IT solutions at the global market is followed by the regular participating of Sirena-Travel at all the leading industry international events. In February 2016 the company was a silver sponsor of the Aviation Festival Asia in Singapore. Sirena-Travel has become a sponsor of Aviation Festival Americas 2016, which has held on May 24-25 at the Hilton Miami Downtown, Miami, Florida, USA. In September 2016 the company "Sirena-Travel" participated as a sponsor of the event "New Generation of Airline Passenger Systems 2016", The Grand Connaught Rooms, London, UK.