Offsite conferences have become for a long time momentous events in the industry and are taken into account in business calendars of most Event-resources operating in the Aviation and Tourist Business market.
The conference format allows to effectively exchange information related to the development of the modern air transportation market, to discuss solutions and technologies of Aviation profitability management in Russia, to be in direct contact with customers and better understand their needs and bring new commercial products and solutions to the market.
In fact, the conference "Sirena-Travel" has become a unique business club of professionals of the air carrier community, which gives it the status of the most important industry event.
The topic of the forthcoming event is directly connected with the development of air transportation. The conference will focus on a set of technological solutions for business management, which Russian developers offer for airlines.
At the conference will be discussed the prospects of revenue growth for airlines due to using the modern IT products in e-commerce, as well as actual solutions for modernization of management systems while reducing the costs of air carriers.
Sirena-Travel is the leader in distribution of aviation services in Russia, as well as the largest domestic developer and supplier of information technology for the aviation industry. Suffice it to say that to date, the total share of air transportation in the Sirena-Travel GDS is more than 25 million "passenger-segments" and takes the second place in the market of aviation services in the country.
Many Russian airlines, as well as air carriers from the CIS countries, have become regular participants of this project and have noted its importance and informative content of the program, the exceptional importance of such event for management in the field of commerce, distribution and profitability.

The largest aviation event held by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) was held in Cancun (Mexico).

Leading airlines of the world, leaders of IT-technologies in the field of air transportation, managers of airports and ground services, suppliers of additional services and services for aviation business, the largest experts and experts in this business are invited to the conference.

The topics discussed by the conference participants were related to the development of the aviation industry, to the creation of sustainable growth in air transportationand it's security, the implementation of new technologies in the management of airline commercial activities and the organization and implementation of additional services and services for passengers.

Representatives of Sirena-Travel, acting as the largest Russian provider and developer of domestic inventory system, participated in profile meetings and working groups on new software solutions for the aviation industry, economic aspects of the business, market challenges and recommendations of industry regulators.

Summarizing on the results of the conference were built up the final declarations aimed at further development of air transport services, were obtained the results of discussion and exchange of opinions among aviation professionals, it was set the plan for implementing for ensuring of safe and high-quality air transportation.

Aviation Festival Africa 2017 was held on June 13-14, 2017 in Johannesburg, South Africa. Sirena-Travel acted as a sponsor of this event and became one of the participants of the business program.

This year in the aviation festival took part more than 1500 experts in the field of civil aviation, 300 delegates and more than 50 speakers. This large-scale event attracted close attention of both airlines and providers of aviation IT solutions, which view this region as one of the most rapidly developing markets for passenger air transportation.

According to IATA forecasts, the fastest growth in passenger traffic in the next 20 years will be observed on the African continent. Sirena-Travel studies with great interest the prospects of entering this market and used the opportunity to communicate directly with potential customers and clients of its services.

During the conference Sirena-Travel held more than 20 meetings with representatives of African airlines such as South African Airlines, Comair, Egypt Air, ASKY Airlines, FlyArt, Fastjet, etc.  At meetings were demonstrated wide possibilities of PSS Leonardo system, as well as individual modules such E-Commerce, RMS, Fleet & Crew, etc.

Our specialists also made a presentation on capabilities of our E-commerce module – Websky and on development of modern PSS, using the example of PSS Leonardo.
african aviation festival

african aviation festival 2

Specialists, participated in the Aviation Festival Africa, highly appreciated the complexity of Sirena-Travel solutions, the flexible approach to realizing the goals of the airlines of any business model, as well as the affordable pricing of our company.

On June 13, 2017 "Rusline" Airlines has transmitted to the modern complex platform Leonardo PSS.
Migration from inventory system  "Sirena-2000" was promptly proceeded  within a few hours and did not affect the current operational activities of the airline.

Most air carriers that host their resources in „Sirena-2000” have already migrated to PSS Leonardo. To date, this is the 41st in implementation, performed in Sirena-Travel JSC. Total amount of airline bookings in PSS Leonardo in the year 2016 reached more than 22 million segments.PSS Leonardo will allow “Rusline” Airlines significantly expand the business management capabilities with maximum automation of business processes, as well as to organize the sale of international air transportation and the sending of PNRGOV messages according to the requirements of the state authorities of the countries in which international flights will be performed according to international IATA standards.

«Rusline» Airlines is one of the largest domestic Airlines in the Russian Federation, operates both scheduled and charter flights. 
The principal activity of the airline is to restart future-oriented routes between the destinations of the Russian Federation and also between Russia and neighboring countries. 
The main idea is to deliver passengers from small towns in the Russian Federation to air hubs on medium-haul aircraft.

Sirena-Travel company for many years is a regular partner and participant of the Conference "Transport services", organized by the Association of Air Transport Agencies (AAVT) in cooperation with the Transport Clearing House (TCH).

The theme of the Conference was the key aspects of the development of an agent tourism product in the current market conditions: modern technologies and solutions for the sale of travel agency services, legislative and financial regulation in the tourism industry, proposals for additional services for passengers and expansion of the content and business products offered to travel agents.

The business program of the Conference was opened by TCH President Mikhail Baskakov.He gave a review of commercial situation in passenger traffic for 2017, in review  were considered following issues: tendencies and prospects for the development of the air transportation market, the role of the TCH in ensuring the processes of interaction between the providers of tourism services and airlines, the most important vectors and directions in the TCH activities for the harmonious development of the tourist business.
baskakov aatv

At the Conference, focused on the tourist market, Sirena-Travel Company offered a new product that allows to combine aviation content ATSS TCH+ IATA BSP in a unified terminal of Sirena-Travel GDS.  This technology makes it possible to effect settle for the organization of air transportation through TCH according to standard rules and regulations used between air carriers and service providers. The presentation of the new technological solution was made by the deputy commercial Director of Sirena-Travel JSC Brytkov Petr. He told the participants about the main details of this project, its commercial prospects and functional capabilities.
brytkov petr

aavt conference

At the Conference was also presented report on technologies for the development of tourism products in existing settlement systems by the project development Director of Sirena-Travel,  Dernovoy Yurij. 

aavt conference 2

Sirena-Travel Company in the framework of  non-commercial partnership program presented the Certificates of Partners in the field of training future specialists for the Aviation and Tourist Business to the leading Russian industry universities.The heads of Department of Business and Tourism of the St. Petersburg University of Management and Economics Technologies and the Department of Air Transport Organization of the Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation (MGTU GA) received the certificates.
sert piter

mgtu ga1

Sirena-Travel company has been cooperating with these and other educational institutions for a long time, providing all the necessary software and consulting support for technological base for the work of teachers and students.
Expanding the participants in the non-profit partnership program with the sectoral universities is the result of fruitful cooperation with educational institutions in the field of training personnel for aviation and travel industries.

In  Sirena-Travel GDS is implemented the function of selling of joint air and bus transportation (Abkhazia and Crimea) with E-ticket issuing in the framework of  Fly & Bus project.
The schedule and tariffs of bus routes are loaded to Sirena-Travel GDS. The rules of bus transportation to the Republic of Abkhazia and to the Republic of Crimea, as well as the instructions of the cashier are placed in ISTOK on the page of the provider 5Ю.
The recorded webinar is available under the link (in Russian).
To start sales, the agency needs to sign an Additional Agreement with TC, PJSC and send an application for connecting points of sale.
To designate an agency fee, you must send a corresponding application to Sirena-Travel, JSC according to a standard procedure.

Successfully completed the first stage of the program for training specialists in the field of tourism industry, developed in cooperation of the Training Center of AVIAMIR LLC (the structural subdivision of the holding " BILETUR"), Institute of Tourism and Hospitality of the Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service (VSUES) and Sirena-Travel Company.

The group of 3rd year students on the specialty "Service in Aviation" of the Design and Technology Department was trained from March to May on the theoretical course "The work of cashiers (operators) accredited for the reservation and sale of passenger transportation". Future specialists in the field of sales of tourist services received practical skills in the work with automated booking system "Sirena-Travel" during the 108 class hours. This workshop was possible thanks to the training Terminals "Sirena-Travel", installed in the training center of University.

Obtaining of theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the work with the booking system allows to expand the opportunities of students in the further practice and job search. Students who completed training in this discipline this year expressed their readiness to cooperate with travel companies of the Far Eastern region.  The largest agency "Primorsky  Agency of Aviation Companies"  is ready to provide a students with summer practice.

In the period from 7:17 till 7:44 a.m.  (Moscow time) on June 1, 2017, automatic monitoring tools detected a malfunction in the operation of network equipment. The causes of  malfunction of the main system components were fixed at 7:45 a.m. Moscow time. Specialists of Sirena-Travel company conducted an additional testing of the whole system complex and study of the causes of the malfunction. As a result of the inspection, the necessary measures will be taken to completely eliminate such incidents in the future.

Sirena-Travel JSC brings sincere apologies for the inconvenience.

On may 18-19, 2017 Sirena-Travel Company held together with TCH a thematic seminar for the leading teachers of the St. Petersburg State University of Civil Aviation. The agenda of the seminar included topics related to technological solutions and services for airlines and travel agencies using multifunctional platform PSS Leonardo, various components of this system, their interaction at different levels of operation in the work environment.
seminar st. petersburg univercity of civil aviation 

Touch upon the global architecture and functionality of  Sirena-Travel GDS were discussed in detail the following issues: a complex of products and services in e-commerce, departure control system (DCS) Astra, system of passengers web check-in, as well as the key modules of the main tool - PSS Leonardo.
seminar st. petersburg univercity of civil aviation 2
The main task of the seminar is to provide teachers with up-to-date information on the advanced technologies used today in the field of commercial management of airlines and travel agencies, to  hold a meeting with developers of these systems, get professional advice on a number of functional characteristics and most importantly - assess in practice their scale and the potential for using from competent experts in these areas.
At the seminar the special attention was paid to the development prospects of all content of tourist services, both in the market in general and in the practices, the travel agents using today, in the current market of products and services sale.
seminar st. petersburg univercity of civil aviation 3
The seminar, which was held for the teaching staff of the leading Russian university, for training of personnel for the aviation and tourism industry, is a planned event within the framework of the program of assistance in training and improving the skills of future airline employees and tourism professionals.