The largest aviation event held by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) was held in Cancun (Mexico).

Leading airlines of the world, leaders of IT-technologies in the field of air transportation, managers of airports and ground services, suppliers of additional services and services for aviation business, the largest experts and experts in this business are invited to the conference.

The topics discussed by the conference participants were related to the development of the aviation industry, to the creation of sustainable growth in air transportationand it's security, the implementation of new technologies in the management of airline commercial activities and the organization and implementation of additional services and services for passengers.

Representatives of Sirena-Travel, acting as the largest Russian provider and developer of domestic inventory system, participated in profile meetings and working groups on new software solutions for the aviation industry, economic aspects of the business, market challenges and recommendations of industry regulators.

Summarizing on the results of the conference were built up the final declarations aimed at further development of air transport services, were obtained the results of discussion and exchange of opinions among aviation professionals, it was set the plan for implementing for ensuring of safe and high-quality air transportation.