Offsite conferences have become for a long time momentous events in the industry and are taken into account in business calendars of most Event-resources operating in the Aviation and Tourist Business market.
The conference format allows to effectively exchange information related to the development of the modern air transportation market, to discuss solutions and technologies of Aviation profitability management in Russia, to be in direct contact with customers and better understand their needs and bring new commercial products and solutions to the market.
In fact, the conference "Sirena-Travel" has become a unique business club of professionals of the air carrier community, which gives it the status of the most important industry event.
The topic of the forthcoming event is directly connected with the development of air transportation. The conference will focus on a set of technological solutions for business management, which Russian developers offer for airlines.
At the conference will be discussed the prospects of revenue growth for airlines due to using the modern IT products in e-commerce, as well as actual solutions for modernization of management systems while reducing the costs of air carriers.
Sirena-Travel is the leader in distribution of aviation services in Russia, as well as the largest domestic developer and supplier of information technology for the aviation industry. Suffice it to say that to date, the total share of air transportation in the Sirena-Travel GDS is more than 25 million "passenger-segments" and takes the second place in the market of aviation services in the country.
Many Russian airlines, as well as air carriers from the CIS countries, have become regular participants of this project and have noted its importance and informative content of the program, the exceptional importance of such event for management in the field of commerce, distribution and profitability.