Sirena-Travel company informs about the launch of new service "AVIA +", which provides full-scale search and displaying of current tariffs and transportation issuing for the flights of airlines that are not participants of ATSS. This will allow the agencies to expand the air content and provide a more complete package of offers and services for the passengers. This project is realized due to close interaction with Transport Clearing House (TCH)  and opens a new level of quality of air transportation sales in the standard settlement procedure.

The new joint development has a number of advantages and additional opportunities for agent. It allows to use the sales channels more widely, using the maximum variants of tariffing of air transportation, which have been received through „Sirena-Travel" GDS and GDS Galileo and combined in a single booking interface. There are also used the tools for organization of secondary operations, reporting and form filling in automatic mode. In the same mode will be applied a commission fee, both in the TCH session and during the sales of airline transportation, participants of BSP Russia.

It should иу also added that Sirena-Travel GDS's support service provides full support, settlement and processing of the customer's secondary transactions when booking and sale within the framework of the project“  Avia +” project in all used systems and settlement sessions.