In early November, the first payment of bonuses to accredited agencies was made on the basis of sales in "AVIA +" - a joint project of "TCH" and "Sirena-Travel".

"AVIA +" is an innovative solution that has opened in the ATSS network the opportunity to issue the airline transportation on TCH and BSP forms and also offers extended air content consisting of combined air transportation tariffs received through  GDS Sirena-Travel and GDS Galileo.

Many agencies appreciated the ease of use and advantages of the system, because "AVIA +" allows the agency to set in the office only one booking system and immediately use all available content. To connect to the system, it's enough to be accredited in  "TCH" and have in your office the terminals of "Sirena-Travel" GDS.

Besides, for all users of the system there is an additional reward program: a bonus of $ 1 for each sold segment of IATA standard transportation documents.
The project continues to develop, and to date, more than 500 Russian agencies have already joined the sales in "Avia +".

Read more about the product "AVIA +" and leave your request for the connection by the link: