Sirena-Travel Company, in the framework of the joint program of non-commercial partnership following the results of 2017, delivered the Certificates of partners on training future specialists for the aviation and tourism business to the following industry training centers and institutions:

1.International Institute of Tourism and Hospitality of Vladivostok State University Economics and Service.
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2. The state autonomous professional educational institutions MOSCOW REGION "vocational colleges" Moscow ".
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The certificate for this institution was awarded on December 6, 2017 at the IV Moscow Regional Selection Championship in the competence of "Service in air transport" among the age category 14-16 years. The championship was attended by students of secondary educational institutions Podolsky, Kashirsky, Leninsky and Domodedovo districts. The competition was held according to the module of the automated registration of passengers for the training flight.
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3. Center for training in tourism specialties "AviaTour Expert" (St. Petersburg).
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4. St. Petersburg State Economic University, Faculty of Service, Tourism and Hospitality.
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The wide geography of the training centers participating in this program demonstrates the importance of the activities carried out by  Sirena-Travel company aimed at developing non-commercial partnerships with industry centers and educational institutions. The main goal of this program is to raise the level and quality of training of young specialists who will come to work to air transportation industry, to provide all necessary software and consulting support in providing a technological base for the work of teachers and students.