In August 2009, Sirena-Travel GDS was accredited in IATA BSP Russia and got the right to issue tickets of airlines members of IATA BSP Russia. Successful collaboration of Sirena-Travel with Travelport, one of the world's largest global distribution systems, enabled to implement the idea of integrating the Russian air travel market into the international information and technology space, and provided the framework for creating Sirena-Travel International project. 

1. What is Sirena-Travel International?

Sirena-Travel International is a product of a strategic partnership between Sirena-Travel JSC and Travelport.
As part of the project, the companies implemented online interaction between Sirena-Travel GDS and Galileo GDS. The aim of this project is to increase the opportunities of international airline tickets’ sales in the Russian Federation from Sirena-Travel terminals, and enable a deeper distribution of foreign airlines, presented in Galileo GDS.

2. What advantages Sirena-Travel int. offers to the agent?

  • No office division into «domestic transportation booking» and «international transportation booking». To date, you can book in Sirena-Travel GDS both domestic and international transportation. 
  • Resource costs reduction by using only one reservation system
  • No need of special trainig/retraining for sales of international air carries, no need of personal, specialzing on sales in international GDS 
  • Sales of international transportations in offices, which earlier sold only domestic transportation using Sirena-Travel GDS 

3. Can any agent connect to Sirena-Travel International»?

Any agent that has a Sirena-Travel terminal can book international content in Sirena-Travel International
• Tickets can be issued:
3.1. in neutral TCH session
3.2. in neutral BSP session 
3.3. through interline technology in the session of airline
According to claims 3.2. and 3.2. travel agent must confirm his or her rights to use this or that form (for ticket issuing) in Sirena-Travel GDS (see the clause 9). 

4. How does Sirena-Travel International resource work?

- Global travel content in Sirena-Travel International is available for viewing within standard terminal of Sirena-Travel GDS in any session: TCH, BSP or airline session
- Booking and issuing of tickets of any foreign airline is accomplished using the set of commands and queries familiar to the agents working in Sirena-Travel GDS.
The specifics of air transportation sales within "Sirena-Travel International" you can find hier

5. What Airlines have already become members of Sirena-Travel International?

Sirena-Travel International allows you to book flights and arrange air travel with airlines members of IATA BSP Russia. List of airlines whose resources are available for booking and sale within this project is published and regularly updated in the relevant section
• Galileo GDS, containing resources of over 500 airlines (about 100 of them are current members of IATA BSP Russia), provides the content of international airlines for booking and sales from Sirena-Travel terminals
• The two airlines that first started selling their content through Sirena-Travel International are British Airways and Lufthansa
• The list of Airlines members of Sirena-Travel International Project is growing

6. What is the cost of booking segments of international flights in Sirena-Travel International for travel agents using Sirena-Travel GDS?

For users of Sirena-Travel GDS:
• connection to Sirena-Travel International is free of charge
• booking segments of international flights in Sirena-Travel International is free of charge

7. What degree of reliability and efficiency can one expect from air content booking and issuance through Sirena-Travel International?

Galileo and Sirena-Travel systems provide online interaction of all segments of the given process, including connection to the airline's e-ticket server, and ensure highly qualitative performance and reliability in booking and e-ticket issuance processes
• E-tickets issued in Sirena-Travel International can be viewed in any other global distribution system (GDS), with which the airline has a link

8. How is reporting about reservation in "Sirena-Travel int." peformed?

All data reporting, available to date for an agent of Sirena-Travel GDS, will also contain the data about booking and sales in "Sirena-Travel international".
Besides this, in appropriation sections of accounting information resource IATA BSPLink will be shown the data on transporation sales "Sirena-Travel International."

9. How to connect to «Sirena-Travel International»?

10.1.For agents accredited in IATA BSP.

10.2. If the agent has already the signed Agreement with JSC Sirena-Travel to connect to Sirena-Travel Global Distribution System (GDS), he needs:

1.To sign a relevant Agreement for  BSP session;
2.To fill and send the application to JSC Sirena-Travel for perfomance of consoles/operators description in Sirena-Travel GDS (the application form in the Annex to the Agreement) in BSP session;
3.Notify in writing the BSP administration  (as established by organization) of its intention to sell electronic tickets through Sirena-Travel GDS.

10.2.2. The agency of BSP, not signed yet the Agreement with JSC Sirena-Travel for connection to Sirena-Travel GDS, needs: 
1. Sign an Agreement with JSC Sirena-Travel for access to Sirena-Travel GDS in order to get an unique agency code in Sirena-Travel. 
2. Follow the points 1-3 in clause 10.2.

10.3. Not accredited in BSP agency, needs:
connect for cooperation any agency, accredited in IATA BSP.