Dear agents!

We would like to remind you that "TCH" and "Sirena-Travel" offers you to participate in the new project Avia +. 

The project concept is the sale of transportation of any airline directly from the TCH session.

Advantages for the cashier:

-> all variants of the flights evaluation in the single GDS reply;
-> work in the new convenient graphical interface "GDS-Simple!" with support of brands selection and up-sale,   displaying the baggage allowance immediately in the evaluation variant;
-> no risks of making mistakes when calculating the commission, the amount of return and exchange - this will do Sirena-Travel.

Advantages of the agency from participation:

-> only one ATSS settlement system: one guarantee, one settlement technology, one reporting period (10 days);
-> a new interface for working with GDS, which does not require a special training of personnel for sales on the BSP sink;
-> a minimum  risks of receiving credits;
-> Segment compensation, no ZZ collection and any fees of the Provider when selling IATA BSP transport documents in Avia +.

We are glad to invite the sale specialists to take part in our  webinar on September, 2017.

Register on the webpage

We wish you successful sales!

In "Sirena-Travel" GDS has been updated the software for issuing of receipt for agency fee in A4 format, issued instead of K95. 
When registering an agency fee using the cash receipt voucher request, to the receipt is automatically assigned a settlement code of “cash receipt voucher “ and ten-digit number, generated by the system.
To use this functionality, the operator must delete the active series of the receipt by requesting СК/.
This revision will allow automatically create the online-ticket files and make on their basis the registration of the fees in the agent's accounting systems.
Please note,  that the receipt for the agency fee with the settlement code “cash receipt voucher " is not an accountable form.

The new version of the terminal 1.69b (Rev.6) is installed in Sirena-Travel GDS,  which implements the function of  tickets issuing for Aeroexpress trains in  TCH session separately from the air transportation order.
The documentation on  tickets sale for Aeroexpress is published on the website under the link (in Russian).
The emulator version  is updated in automated mode through the terminal menu.

Dear colleagues and partners,

On July 28, 2017 from 08:00 to 10:06  a.m. (MSK) on the technical platform of  Sirena-Travel was reported a malfunction in the operation of systems and services.
The failure occurred as a result of routine maintenance  on replace the hardware part of the platform, aimed at improving the efficiency of  Sirena-Travel GDS.

 From 10:06 a.m. (MSK) all systems have been restored to their full capacity.

We apologize for the failure and inconvenience.

In Sirena-Travel GDS is installed a new version of the terminal 1.69b (Rev.4), in which have been made the following modifications:

- implemented robotic issue of checks on a new model of cash registers when selling the tickets through the web site;
- updated text of the terms of the Agreement on electronic ticket.

The documentation is published on the web site under the link (in Russian).

The version of the emulator is updated in automated mode through the terminal menu.

Support service:
Tel: +7 (495) 725-09-00
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

On July 19, 2017  is planned to enter into the industrial mode the software, allowing to create files of the format Online-ticket version 2.6.1 instead of the previously planned version of the 2.6 format.

Please make the necessary settings and test the ability to process files of this version.

The list of changes is  under the link  (in Russian).
For the questions on the structure and data display please contact the Technological Department:
Tel .: +7 (495) 967-16-09, ext.173, 118.