In connection with the change of tariffs binding to different categories of passengers when selling  railway transportation,
please update the terminal of Sirena-Travel GDS  to version 1.69b (Rev.1) for correct estimating of transportation.

Please be informed about starting of pilot operation of the Fly & Bus project for the sale of joint air and bus transportation in  Sirena-Travel GDS with TCH e-ticketing.
To start selling the agency needs to conclude an Additional agreement with  TCH PJSC and send to TCH an application for connection of points of sales.

The connection of agencies to the sale of bus transportation will be phased.

The timetable and tariffs for bus routes are loaded to  Sirena-Travel GDS. The rules of bus transportation to the Republic of Abkhazia and the Republic of Crimea, as well as the cashier instructions are placed in ISTOK on the page of the provider 5Ю.
The recorded webinar is posted here (in Russian).

To set an agency fee, you must send an application to Sirena-Travel Company according to a standard procedure.

A new version of the terminal Sirena-Travel GDS 1.68b (Rev.9) is available, in which are implemented the following improvements:

Railway application

   - the form of payment "Payment Order" and the combined form of payment "Payment Order + Cash Payment" have been added;

   - the agent's choice of tariffs, including school (from 10 to 17 years);

   - payment of transportation by the sponsor.


  AMERICAN EXPRESS card code is added in the window of payment by the bank card via the POS-terminal.

Earnest request to the agents working with the railway application of Sirena-Travel GDS  terminal, it is urgent to update the version to 1.68b (Rev.9) in order to avoid problems, when selling railway tickets.

On May 22, 2017 is planned to put into commercial opertion of software, which allows to create files of the format Online-ticket version 2.6.
Please make the necessary settings and test the ability to process files of this version.
To the version 2.6 have been added the fields containing the insurance product code, information on air and railway ticket segments, to which the insurance is issued. Part of the fields will be changed.
Please find the list of changes  under the link (in Russian).
For questions concering the structure and form of the data display, please contact the Technological Department:
Tel .: +7(495) 967-16-09, ext.173.