The new version of  terminal Sirena-Travel GDS 1.68b (Rev.5), in which the following improvements were implemented:

Railway transportation: 

- an option for issuing of special seats for passengers with small pets while selling the tickets to the trains of the carrier “Directorate of High-Speed Communications”
 E-ticketing to these cars is performed for selected seats.
Instructions for railway tickets issuing is under the link (in Russian).

Session with POS-terminals

- In the field of payment by credit card added: "The first 6 digits of the card number."
- Added a new codes of payment system Union Pay and МИР.
Instructions for session with POS-terminal  is under the  link (in Russian).

Airline "Azerbaijan Hava Yollari» (J2) informs passengers about optimizing procedure of the passengers check-in for the flight and remind about importance of the entry to the booking the direct contacts of the passengers and passport data.
In order to avoid failure situation during check-in to the flight please, when creating in reservation a note about the passenger, indicate necessarily the category of the child (CHLD / INFT).

In version of terminal 1.68b (Rev.3) Sirena-Travel GDS is implemented the option of cancellation of online registration until payment of railway order for the passing trains.
In the window "Entering of passenger data" introduced the checkbox "e-registration".
To change the information in the checkbox (remove the marker) is possible only for those trains, for which the date of tickets sales is greater than that the date of departure from the original point.
For all other trains the checkbox is not active.

In Sirena-Travel GDS updated the fee calculation if changing the name (category УПТ) and the following improvements were made:
1. Commands for tickets reissue  <BЛ> and <БЛР> replaced for  <БЛД> / <БЛВ> and <БЛРД>/ <БЛРВ> respectively.
2. For the airlines "Pobeda" (DP) and "UVT AERO" (UVT) updated  the fee collection technology for name changing.
Now the collection is made in EMD-S, subcode 993.
Changes are made to the cashier Instructions, Part 2. "Issuing of transportation documents, refund, and tickets exchange" paragraph 8.3.7 "Ticket reissue if changing the passenger data"(in Russian).

We inform you about the launch of a new version of the terminal Sirena-Travel GDS 1.67 b (Rev. 9), in which implemented the following developments:
- to request format <OЦ> added option input/output of parameter "BRAND" as in a string query as in a  mask;
- in the query УСЛК introduced the new key ОПР;
-  УСЛТ help is valid for all services.
In the section "Instructions for cashiers" (in Russian) updated document: paragraph 1.  Instruction for the cashier: part 1. "Seats reservations, PNR creation, working with PNR".
The upgrade of the emulator version is performed in an automated mode through the terminal menu.
Description of the update procedure (in Russian) see under "Description of the terminal emulator of reservation systems "Sirena-Travel" and "Sirena-2000".

Support service:
Tel: (495) 725-09-00
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sirena-Travel GDS provides tickets exchanging  with a change of a number of flight segments.
In this case the ticket cost should be more or equal to the cost of the ticket to exchange.
The lowering of the air transportation price in exchanging is not permitted.
Changes of terms of transportation, reducing the transportation cost, can be executed through refund and new purchase.
The functional is installed for all sessions.
There are restrictions for its using, for more detail - see instructions.
The updated document  (in Russian) is available on the website in the section « Instructions for agencies", «Instructions for the cashier»: paragraph 2. Instruction for cashier, Part 2. "Issuing of transportation documents, refund, tickets exchange" (07/27/2016)