Dear partners!

We inform you, that in "Sirena Travel"GDS is implemented the sale of passenger air transportation on confidential fares of airlines with access of approved agents to them on the RCC codes (PseudoCity Code).

PCC codes are assigned for the sale point of agency. One selling point can has two codesOne code PCC is assigned for a pool of agency consoles for the terminal sales,the second code is assigned for a pool of agency consoles for internet sales.

With the use of PCC codes airline may limit the distribution of tariffs on input and distribution systems of tariffs data ATPCO, SITA or Schedule & Tariffs Centre (STC)to certain agencies and types of salesterminals and Internet sales.

For getting  the PCC codes the agency should fill the Application formscanned copy of completed and signed Application should be sent to CJSC "Sirena-travel" via e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

After assigning PCC codes "Sirena-travel" will send the Agency a letter with the assigned codes. 
Received from JSC "Sirena-travel" PCC codes the Agency should send to the airlinewith which the Agency has an agreement for sale on confidential tariffs with the access to the PCC codes.

Application form

With best regards, 

JSC "Sirena-travel".

In "Sirena-travel" GDS is implemented the option of direct printing of insurance policies with system-generated numbers in .pdf format with simultaneous  reserving them in the user's computer.
To obtain this option you must have on your computer the version of the terminal not lower than 1.67b (Rev.4). 

We are glad to inform you about the launch of the new version Sirena-travel GDS 1.67b (Rev.3), in which implemented the new improvements:

. Added the option of ticket purchase for children's tariff by the card Railways Bonus.

2. In the window "Procceding with order" in displaying the passenger data added the options:

-  date of birth of the passenger;

-  gender of the passenger;

- after order confirmation appears the field for the hidden number of universal/route card or Railways Bonus card used by the passengerby purchasing the ticket.

3. In the upper right corner of the window "Proceeding with the order" added text on notifying the passenger about the special conditions of the route. This notice is also included in the pre-order form under "Additional information".

4. In the window „Order search" and in the step of already confirmed reservation in the window "Proceeding with the order"  the document number now is hidden (displaying only the last 4 numbers).

5. Added the option of seats sale for the passengers with animals.

6. In accordance with the Federal law No.15 from 03.02.2014 and by order of the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation No.242 dated 05.09.2014, information on place of birth of the passenger in e-tickets issuing are excluded from the personal data of the passenger. In this regard, in the window "Enter the passenger data" the field "Place of birth" is removed.

Upgrade of emulator version is performed in an automated mode through the terminal menu. Description of the update procedureyou can find in section "Description of terminal emulator of reservation systems  "Sirena-travel" and "Sirena-2000".

Help desk support:

Tel.(495) 725-09-00 

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

PJSC Aeroflot  informs on rules changes of fees refund of the carriers  YQ (fuel surcharge) andYR (fee for services of automated  reservation systems) in case of voluntary refusal of transportation for tickets issued from 03.09.2015 for non-refundable tariffs of SU (which are non-refundable  any time, including the cancellation in advance) and for bonus tickets issued from 03.09.2015 of Aeroflot Bonus programme on X/F/O-classes (except a/b classes with option of bonus upgrade the classes).

The changes were introduced from  01.09.2015 in the reservation system to the category.16 Penalties of applycation of fee rules of  SU:


          // CANCELLATION PROVISIONS //                        




          VALUE AT THE MOMENT OF TICKET ISSUE.                 




By the combinationsof different types of tariffs and amendments are made to the transportation the rules of refund YQ/YR are defined similarly to the rules for tariffs:

- for local combination (half of RT fares) of non-refundable and refundable tariffs  more stringent conditions on refund YQ/YR will be applied to the hole Pricing Unit;
for combinations end-on of non-refundable and refundable tariffs  the rules of fees refund YQ/YR are considered separately for each Pricing Unit;

Company Sirena-travel draws your attention! The calculation of amounts to refund on tariffs and fees of SU is possible onlymanually. Sirena-travel will not accept the claimson surcharge the agents received from the airline. Please consider this information.


Company Sirena-travel informs about  introduction DCC fee by the group of companies Lufthansa Group (Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Lufthansa and SWISS),  intended to cover the costs for bookings, proceeded  through the global reservation systems (GDS).
The DCC rules are part of the information, transmitted to "Sirena-travel" GDS and will be processed in automatic mode. Until the DCC fee is not transferred by Lufthansa Group to "Sirena-travel", instead of DCC fee will be indicated code YR. Accordingly, the amount of the DCC fee will be included in the  total amount and displayed in the "Taxes and Fees" as other charges and fees.

Rules of application:

As of 01st of September 2015 (date of ticketing) the DCC (=Distribution Cost Charge) will be applicable to all Lufthansa Group (LH, OS, LX, SN) tickets sold via GDS by a distribution partner through Sirena-Travel GDS.

- DCC is collected if a ticket is issued by a distribution partner via GDS “Sirena-Travel”  on the ticketstock of a LH Group airline (OS, SN, LH, LX)

- DCC is charged on these tickets regardless of the fare owner/participation of other airlines in the routing – only exception: a pure 4U/EW routing on a LH document is exempted from DCC. 

- There is no differentiation between return, one way, circle trip, domestic, continental or intercontinental routing – the DCC is charged per ticket (including conjunction tickets).

- There is no differentiation between different fare types – the DCC is charged for all classes and all fares, published and unpublished – only exception: group fares LH and OS.

- DCC is only charged on first issues - in case of reissue no DCC is collected.

- DCC is only charged on tickets, not on EMDs or other documents.

- There are no discounts on DCC amounts – e.g. the DCC for a CHD ticket is identical to the DCC for an adult ticket

- PEP and AD/UD/DG tickets are subject to DCC.

- As per IATA OB fee standard the DCC is not refundable.


As a general rule the DCC is charged on all fares and booking classes.

Worldwide exceptions: no DCC is charged on following tickets:

- INF Tickets
- Pure 4U/EW routing on LH document – in case of mixed travel, e.g. 4U/EW/LH combination the DCC is applicable.
- Rail & Fly tickets (in Germany), AIRail and LH bus tickets if issued in a separate ticket
- Group tickets issued with applicable group fare (ticket designator GR) on LH and OS document Please note:Due to technical reasons for the time being group fare tickets (identified by the Ticket Designator GR) issued on LH and OS documents are exempted from DCC. For group fare tickets issued on LX and SN documents standard DCC applies.
- Tickets booked and issued via

Country specific exceptions: In some countries the introduction of the DCC will require official approval. At the time of writing, this approval is not yet available for all countries. Communication of the introduction of the DCC will therefore take place subject to the agreement of the appropriate government agency in each case.


- As per IATA standard OB fees are non refundable. This forms part of the fare conditions and is shown in all fare notes. (YR IS NON REFUNDABLE).

- The LH Group DCC may only be refunded in case of involuntary refunds of completely unused tickets. Refund of OB fees is monitored during standard sales audit process. A DCC refund in case of a voluntary refund will result in the issuance of an ADM. 

Technical support of  "Sirena-travel" informs, that since 17 August, 2015 on complex solution  "Sirena-travel" GDS has been installed updating  software for issuing of  transportation for  passenger occupying for health reasons more than one seat (STCR) for the airline "AEROFLOT" (code SU).

Instructions for arrangement of transportation to a passenger occupying as more than one seat (STCR) for the airline "AEROFLOT".
STCR — stretcher (a passenger who unable to sit on a cabin seat and must be onboard in a horizontal position).
The request of the stretcher (camera) for transportation of immobile patient must be entered to the PNR no later than 48 hours before departure in the standard element SSR/STCR, the Time-limit in the booking must be installed no later than 24 hours before departure.

When confirming places and request stretcher (camera) in  element SSR/STCR, arrangement of transportation and  ticket issuance must be proceed at least 24 hours before departure. Unformed transportation, PNR without ticket numbers will be cancelled 24 hours prior to departure without prior notice.
Passenger transportation requires booking of 3 seats in economy class, one seat for the passenger and two seats for a stretcher.
The input format name field in the PNR:



In the PNR should be also entered two elements - SSR/STCR AND SSR/NOML. The number of requests SSR/NOML should match the number of seats for additional STCR. If it necessary to transfer medical data to the carrier, there are elements to be entered  SSR/MEDA.

If possible the transportation STCR should be extra coordinate with the working group for non-standard requests by phone: +7(495)664-13-77.

A passenger carried on a stretcher shall pay the applicable rate in accordance with booked a subclass (on ticket) and two additional (i.e. without any discounts) normal annual fare of economy class.

The penalties provided by the rules of the fare for refund or reissuing does not apply on an additional double fare.

The location of seats and their number required for installation on Board of a stretcher or the like (couches) is determined by the carrier and depends on the aircraft type. On flights SU places, generally provided at the end of the economy class cabin and up along the aisle*.