Sirena-Travel CJSC developed a complex solution for airlines – Inventory system. The system is used for the following tasks:
  • Seat resource management;
  • Support of airline E-tickets database (ETS);
  • Airline revenues optimization through interaction with revenue management systems;
  • Interaction with the control systems of loyalty (frequent flyer service);
  • Interaction with external GDS (Amadeus, Sabre, Galileo / Appolo, WorldSpan);
  • Transferring of necessary information to Departure Control Systems (DCS);
  • Interaction with external databases (ATPCO, OAG, IATA);
  • Reporting and supporting of airline tariff information;
  • Providing of  paper and electronic ticketing in the forms of IATA BSP, TCH and own airlines forms.
The system "Sirena-2000" is a complex of software solutions designed for seat resource management and airline tariff information. Resource management is possible through the Anglo-Russian graphic solutions "GUI", or by entering the command requests in "Sirena-2000" terminal.
"Sirena-2000" includes:
  • Referenced database;
  • Management of various access types to the sales and resource management;
  • Inputting of information about the flights schedule, including multi-legs flights and marketing carriers block-spaces;
  • Subclasses management (separate or by interacting with revenue system management);
  • Support of standard nesting algorithms;
  • Management of selected block of seats;
  • Сontrol of aircraft weight parameters;
  • Aircrafts configuration;
  • Passengers list with various data types;
  • Support of the airline's control centre (queues);
  • Management of booking class status:  "open / closed / on demand / on the waiting list";
  • Automated passengers re-accomodation from canceled flights;
  • Automated control of special services;
  • Prompt statistical data reporting about using of stored resource;
  • Control of “tweens”(two passengers per one seat); 
  • Long-term (to 3 years) storage of archival information about control centre's activities, including passengers data.
"Sirena-2000" system offers to airlines the following technical features:
  • Implement the international technology of passenger carriage sales in accordance with a  current domestic circumstances;
  • E-ticketing in two  languages ​​(Russian and English);
  • Own resources management and an independent tariff policy;
  • Implement the following principles of resource building:
     - separate schedules and resources management
     - entering more flight details,
     - 26 different classes in accordance with international practice,
     - strict quotas on the subclass
     - using of comfortable subclass
     - automatic open / close the subclass sale
   - four different control algorithms  of available seats for subclasses (separate, separate with restrictions, network, threshold).
  • To sell specific seats and seats without specific numbers;
  • To allow or disallow the  name / surname changes in the PNR;
  • To use a separate special booking mechanism: with and without certain places, special booking codes of certain airline, automated or manual cancel of special booking;
  • To manage the seats availability;
  • Waiting list compilation, monitoring and statistics generation;
  • To change the status and quotas of seats on flights in accordance with time changes till departures;
  • To send special telegrams automatically into "Sirena-Travel" GDS by entering and changes of tariff and referenced data;
  • Consider the passengers requirements on special service (manual and automatic confirmation);
  • To generate PNL/ADL for Departure Control System (to SITA address, to "Sirena 2.3",  "Sirena-3" and to E-mail in Cyrillic or Latin);
  • To transfer the summary information in accordance to the results of the sale to airline revenue management systems.
The airline can choose two options of using  "Sirena-2000":
  • Building the reservation centre on own site; 
  • Using the possibilities of multiple host centre, located on platform Sirena-Travel CJSC (Airlines booking centre in Moscow).

The first option involves the acquisition of appropriate equipment, software installation of "Sirena-2000" to hardware, round-the-clock technical support and consulting services organization, compliance with other TCH requirements regarding accreditation in Airlines booking centre.
The second option is most advisable because of  the following  reasons:
  • The technical specifications of the computer centre:
 "Sirena-2000" (Airlines booking centre in Moscow) is constructed in accordance with the standards and protocols of IATA. centre is formed on the «multi-host» principle, its contains resources’ of 36 airlines. The centre is located in own building in Moscow and  operates around the clock (24 hours a day, 7 days a week).
Sirena-Travel CJSC works with communication channels of fast all the leading providers. Cooperation with major providers enables the highest reliability coefficient connection with around the clock technical support. As a back-up channels is used Internet, what by  low expenses  provide sufficient  level of "direct"  reservation channels.
  • Technical support and consulting.
Service centre supported by high-level specialists  ( IT administrators, operators,  technologists - more than 60 people) with  shift work. There is a customer support (Helpdesk) around the clock. In order to improve the software the company constantly analyzes the market and the needs of the customers - the airlines. On demand airlines company "Sirena-Travel" CJSC offers a services to support the implementation of the seats resource (introduction to the system the sсhedules information, fares, baggage, etc.)