Sirena-Travel, a leading Russian distribution system, and Travelport, a provider of a wide range of services to companies that conduct business in the international tourism industry, have signed an innovative strategic agreement that involves the creation of a new unique resource called Sirena-Travel International. Two travel industry technology leaders have agreed upon a strategic partnership in order to expand opportunities for the sale of international air transportation in the Russian Federation and to provide a wider distribution for foreign airlines in Russia.

With the help of Sirena-Travel International more than 17,000 agency terminals, including more than 11,500 terminals of agencies accredited in Air Transport Settlement System (ATSS), became an opportunity of easy and cost-effective access to the content of international airlines around the world, provided by Travelport. Sirena-Travel users, which implemented terminals of international reservation systems for sales of international travel content, can now avoid additional expenses associated with the use of other GDS terminals.

Sirena-Travel International system involves the use of all existing mechanisms of searching and booking of tickets, including interlining, electronic tickets issuance and payment, as well as reporting, with all processes based on the familiar platform Sirena-Travel. The costs of training Russian speaking users are minor, since the access to the international air travel content is granted through the familiar Sirena-Travel interface in Russian and with the usual set of commands.

Sirena-Travel International project provides international airlines that collaborate with Travelport, operating two platforms - Galileo and Worldspan, with an opportunity of a wider distribution in the Russian Federation. The distribution is accomplished through a network of travel agencies that implement Sirena-Travel terminals, and total over 7,000 points of sale across the Russian Federation, including small regional agencies that previously lacked the opportunities to sell international travel content.

The launch of the international resource took place in January 2011, the launch of the project in a neutral session of GDS Sirena-Travel was in July 2011.
In addition to the implementation of Sirena-Travel International project, the alliance partners are also considering the possibility of promotion of mechanisms to increase the operation efficiency of the Russian airlines through a series of new joint technology solutions. One of these solutions is the Travelport gateway of electronic ticketing that Sirena-Travel can offer to Russian airlines even today. The gateway allows airlines to implement the e-ticket interline technology.

Nowadays more than 300 agencies are selling successfully international air transportation of more than 90 foreign airlines through the GDS Sirena-Travel.