DCS Astra is a modern multilingual system with a graphical user interface. The system enables passenger and baggage check-in, maintenance of the seasonal schedules, and monitoring the daily flight plan implementation. Astra, the host DCS, was developed in accordance with the IATA standards and requirements (1707, 1708), supports all types of standard messages, which provide the interaction between registration system and booking system and has full set of functions for such types of operation system.

It should be noted, besides a standard set of functions, Astra DCS distinguishes through high mobility, dependability and flexibility in application, easy adaptation of software for airports requirements and organization of interaction with the equipment and existing services. Even today software package DCS Astra includes support for different types of printers, scanners, weighing-machines.The system provides an interaction with  forecast information services, balance system WB-Guarantee, Ministry of the Interior - "Magistral", online passport and border control services.

Automated Departure Control System (DCS) Astra implements the following main function:
  • Multilevel user access control to the system;
  • Russian and English languages support (interior layout, passenger lists, codifiers, output documents,  output telegrams);
  • Introduction of seasonal schedule;
  • Introduction of daily flight plan schedule;
  • Automatic receipt of PNL and  ADL from Sirena-2000, Sirena 2.3., Gabriel and other reservation centers operating in accordance with IATA Recommended Practice 1707/1708;
  • Passenger check-in list;
  • Groups and family check-in;
  • Check-in of passengers with remarks (VIP, unaccompanied minors, invalids, special meals and etc.);
  • Registration of transfer passengers;
  • Check-in of passengers with predetermined seats;
  • NOREC and GOSHOW check-in;
  • Digital check-in;
  • Automated provision of seats taking into account the passenger wishes (at the window, aisle, at a partition, smoking, non-smoking);
  • The choice of seat on the plane cabin;
  • Graphik plane cabin;
  • Baggage check-in by type, automatic calculation of chargeable baggage;
  • Interface with electronic scales;
  • Automatic calculation of valuable baggage;
  • Proceeding and print out of baggage receipt;
  • Documents control of registered passengers;
  • Dynamic control of the limit flight loading with cargo and post;
  • Transport documents print out;
  • Telegrams sending on the route of the flight (PSM, PTM, BTM TPM) and to reservations centers (PFS);
  • Simultaneous registration several flights in the same check-in desk and one flight from different check-in desks;
  • Inspection of documents registered passengers by Internal Affairs Ministry representatives on their data base;
  • It was realized a docking of system Astra with the calculate program «WB-Guarantee" developed by the "Center for Aviation Certification";
  • Interacting with Drop Off system;
  • Interaction support with automatic departure Gates, equipped with a platform SITA CUTE.
Automated Departure Control System implements the following tasks:
  1. Preparation for registration;
  2. Passengers and lagguage check-in;
  3. Documents control and baggage receipt print out;
  4. Documentation;
  5. Automatic issuing and  telegrams sending;
  6. Archiving and statistics.
The system provides a registration of several flights in the same check-in desk and one flight from different check-in desks,  setting the mandatory control mark of Internal Affairs Ministry before the passenger goes to boarding. After registration the system provides automatic print out of documentation, both for domestic and international flights.

The system enables view and print of:
  • Stanby list;
  • Passengers not appeared for boarding;
  • Special needs passengers;
  • Reasons the passenger has not departed.
After departure the system forms and sends the following telegrams:
  • Passenger manifest (ТРМ);
  • Special needs passengers message (PSM);
  • Passengers transfer message (PTM);
  • Baggage transfer message (BTM);
  • List of passengers departed in accordance with Inbound Passenger Final Sales (PFS).
Astra DCS provides the archiving:
  • Data of flight departures/dates, and data storage for up to 3 years;
  • Storage the main operations journal which indicate user, workstation and moment of realization.
Based on archival data, the system provides:
  • Searching the passenger by the name or tag number (up to 3 years);
  • Passengers check-in processing control with time indication of all proceeding and the agent name;
  • View and print:
- Work statistics on particular agents;
- Statistics of passengers and baggage departure over the specified period.

Astra DCS is certified for the use on public platform:
  • SITA CUSS (self-registration kiosks platform)
To expand the services the following solutions were developed and successfully used:
All improvements to modernize the software, implementation of docking with airport systems and equipment, as well as all work associated with changes in output and accompanying documentation are carried out in a very short period of time and included in the monthly fee for the system maintenance .
At present Astra DCS successfully operates in more than 150 airports in Russia, CIS states and abroad. More than 1 million passengers monthly are registered in Astra DCS and more than 30 thousands flights are processed.
With questions regarding using Astra DCS, please contact the Commercial Directorate of Sirena-Travel CJSC, Tel. +7 (495) 782 13 15 (ext. 446)
or  per Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.