Leonardo.CRM is a customer relationship management system, carrying out the collection and storage of information on the client, his preferences and the history of interaction with him in the consolidated profile.

Based on the collected data, the system allows you to create personal offers for the client in order to increase his interest to the products and services of the airline, as well as increase the loyalty of the passenger by special service and individual discounts.

By accumulating information on the customer and his preferences in a single information space, the system allows to group customers by importance for the company and determine their rank, according to the level of which, to offer the client personalized tariffs for transportation and other related services.

The discount levels and providing of personalized services are configured by the airline through the business rules.

With the introduction of Leonardo.CRM, airlines improve the quality of services, avoiding the loss of a part of existing and potential customers, acquiring new clients.

The client-oriented sales strategy allows the company to reach a new level of interaction with the passenger and improve the efficiency of the company.