Data interchange specification handbook (TCH DISH) developed by TCH (Transport Clearing House) in accordance with IATA standards to provide agencies and airlines with the sales information from reservation systems.

The resulting data in TCH DISH format are designed for using in internal accounting systems. DISH has a text format, the sending of data exchange is performed with a frequency once in a day. The current version of the file, provided by  Sirena-Travel CJSC, supports  EMD transactions data.

The structure of the file format is adapted to the BSP DISH standart RET file (BSP Data Interchange Specifications Handbook).
Description of the file format is hosted in  information system of  TCH CJSC.

The file provided as to agencies that have a contractual relationship with Sirena-Travel CJSC and for sub-agents. Applications are accepted only from the Agency.

File can be provided as for agencies, who has signed an agreement with Sirena-Travel CJSC and for sub-agents as well.
Application forms are accepted only from agencies.