XML-protocol allows to create the reference requests, receive responses and use all of the content Sirena-Travel GDS for booking reservation and selling air transportation. Using the "WS-Gate", customers develop their own unique services for online - sales of aviation services.
"Sirena-Travel" Web-services are performed by SirenaWebCore server  and implemented in the base of SOAP 1.1. Protocol.  HTTPS protocol is used as transport protocol.

The main functions of "WS-Gate":

 - providing with information about air transportation, seats availability on the chosen route, and their costs according to the passengers category and agency fees  in real time;
- acquisition and display of reference data;
- reservations of chosen air transportation;
- transfer data about payment booked transportation toreservation system;
- E-ticketing  through TCH (Transport Clearing House), BSP and own airlines sessions;

The advantages of  "WS-Gate":

- technology approved since 2007;
- operating in various sessions: TCH (Transport Clearing Hause), BSP and airlines;
- automated refund implementation;
- queue operations; 
- adding a SSR’s (special service request) in reservations; 
- modifying a PNR by adding information;
- additional non air content: Aeroexpress, Alfa Insurance;
- professional technical support service.

Procedure of commissioning «WS-Gate":

1. Conclusion of Agreement and/or Supplementary agreement with Sirena-Travel CJSC;
2. Web-consoles connection to the training base  of Sirena Travel GDS  using XML-Gate;
3. Testing;
4. Reconfiguration of web-console to connect it to the operating Sirena Travel  GDS.