IrAero Airlines is extending its flights from Irkutsk to Sochi (Adler) for October and November. Flights on the Superjet-100 will be operated according to the previous schedule: twice a week on Wednesdays and Fridays with a stopover in Barnaul.

“This year we are seeing an increased demand for trips to the Russian south, this is primarily caused by the closure of borders in connection with the coronavirus epidemic,” commented Alexander Makin, head of the IrAero airline's transportation service, on the opening of sales. - All summer flights showed almost one hundred percent load, we are sure that demand will remain in late autumn. It should be noted that we do not lose our vigilance and continue to carry out all preventive measures, including thermometry at the entrance to the plane.

Since 2015, IrAero has been a user of the multifunctional PSS Leonardo platform, a modern complex for managing the airline's commercial activities. The full-scale implementation of all PSS Leonardo components into IrAero's business processes has expanded the company's commercial activities and provided the possibility of full integration with other systems.

You can familiarize yourself with the schedule in detail and purchase tickets on the official website of the airline