Sirena is a distributor of Routehappy Rich Content ATPCO

Sirena is a distributor of Routehappy Rich Content ATPCO

The international integrator of tariff information, ATPCO, and Sirena, a leading Russian supplier of information technologies for the transport industry, announced the expansion of their partnership.

A new level of interaction between ATPCO and Sirena significantly expands the possibilities of using the aviation retail databases Routehappy Rich Content.

The new agreement grants Sirena the right not only to receive Routehappy Rich Content and branding data for its terminal network, but also to redistribute this content in an online channel.

The agreement grants the right to integrate ATPCO content into the new Sirena tool Mixvel, an e-commerce platform for the travel industry that combines all travel services in one tool. At the first stage, Sirena will integrate the Amenities base in Mixvel, which will significantly expand and improve the assortment of aviation onboard retail offered by agencies. The next step will be the introduction of the UTA (benefits and restrictions for tariff consumers in the form of clear and concise content) and UPA (targeted messages, tariffs and visual content from airlines) databases into the system.

Routehappy is an innovative product from ATPCO that allows airlines to deliver targeted information and multimedia content about fares and all services offered on board, as well as facilitating centralized content publishing, distribution and flexible integration into any sales channel. Routehappy media content helps airlines and distribution channels differentiate offerings and simplify the shopping experience by making it more convenient, thereby increasing conversions and customer satisfaction. Routehappy creates a new user experience for travelers, thereby increasing the sale of value-added services.

Standardized solutions will enable airlines to achieve parity across their aviation distribution channels, expand business opportunities and improve sales management efficiency.

The partnership between ATPCO and Sirena will significantly increase the rate of implementation of Routehappy content and the spread of industrial standards for Rich Content and branding to the Russian and CIS markets, as well as create a unique technological basis for a new generation of air ticket sales.

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