In early April took place the planned migration of the “Tajik Air” Airline resource to the modern complex platform PSS Leonardo. 
OJSC “Tajik Air”, which has the status of the National air carrier of the Republic of Tajikistan, has received with the transition to PSS Leonardo, a modern complex of high-tech solutions in the field of commercial management, with the maximum level of process automation and flexible functionality, and with option of adapted customization for specific business rules or production tasks.
"Tajik Air" Airline plans to significantly expand the list of services and additional services for passengers, including their implementation in issuing of EMD-A.
The migration to the new PSS Leonardo platform was carried out according to the so-called "seamless technology," which excludes possible reduction of information transfer or reduction of the quality of passenger service at all stages of air transportation.
Today "Tajik Air" Airlines has become the 37-th in the list of air carriers using PSS Leonardo, the  high-tech and modern solution offered by  Sirena-Travel JSC.