On June 13, 2017 "Rusline" Airlines has transmitted to the modern complex platform Leonardo PSS.
Migration from inventory system  "Sirena-2000" was promptly proceeded  within a few hours and did not affect the current operational activities of the airline.

Most air carriers that host their resources in „Sirena-2000” have already migrated to PSS Leonardo. To date, this is the 41st in implementation, performed in Sirena-Travel JSC. Total amount of airline bookings in PSS Leonardo in the year 2016 reached more than 22 million segments.PSS Leonardo will allow “Rusline” Airlines significantly expand the business management capabilities with maximum automation of business processes, as well as to organize the sale of international air transportation and the sending of PNRGOV messages according to the requirements of the state authorities of the countries in which international flights will be performed according to international IATA standards.

«Rusline» Airlines is one of the largest domestic Airlines in the Russian Federation, operates both scheduled and charter flights. 
The principal activity of the airline is to restart future-oriented routes between the destinations of the Russian Federation and also between Russia and neighboring countries. 
The main idea is to deliver passengers from small towns in the Russian Federation to air hubs on medium-haul aircraft.