On March 21, was held a practical seminar for employees of travel companies operating in the Republic of Bashkortostan and neighbouring regions, which was organized by Sirena-Travel, JSC and Red Wings Airlines (with participation TCH PJSC ). The seminar was devoted to the sale of air transportation and additional services through Sirena-Travel GDS.

The main topics of the seminar concerned the practical aspects of air transportation for branded tariffs, features of sales of products and additional services of various airlines, sales of railway and bus transportation from the terminals Sirena-Travel GDS. A lot of time was devoted to the presentation and discussion of the features of the new project of Sirena-Travel and ATSS TCH - "Avia +", which combines  the avia content of TCH and IATA BSP.

As a result of the discussion of certain items of the seminar program, practical consultations were organized on the air transportation issuing and on  cashiers operation in accordance with the rules for the sale of airline services.

In accordance with the plans for the program implementation of  training sales specialists in the field of air transportation, representatives of the Sirena-Travel on the basis of the Department of Tourism, Hotel and Restaurant Services of the Institute of Economics and Service of the Ufa State Petroleum Technological University organized a lecture on the theme: "Business Process" The sale of air tickets", where were determined the main methods of construction and the mechanisms of interaction of the air traffic sales system, as well as their rules and specificity. As a result of the lecture, proposals were made to optimize certain elements of the curriculum of the university, taking into account modern technologies and tools for selling products and additional services of airlines.