The seminar was held on April 25 in Irkutsk and attracted quite a large number of participants and interested persons from this region of Russia. According to the results of the event more than fifty representatives of agencies and specialists in sales of air content were registered.

In the seminar program the speaker from the airline Red Wings presented the strategy for the development of new routes, primarily from the airport "Irkutsk", the features of the implementation , the rules of transportation and additional services on the flights of this airline were considered. As additional measures for sales encourage among the representatives of Red Wings were played gift certificates for free flights in the direction Irkutsk-Moscow-Irkutsk. We congratulate the winners!


leading specialists of the IrAero Airlines presented a corporate bonus program to "encourage" subagents and a "feedback" program to provide special tariffs for regular customers. It is worth noting, the sales rating on flights of  IrAero JSC for 2017. showed a significant increase in sales on TCH forms and accounted 55% of total revenue.

Representatives of JSC Angara Airlines told about their new flights to cities Krasnoyarsk and Almaty. It was announced the beginning of the action for the cashiers "Bonus ticket for flights on the routes „Irkutsk-Almaty-Irkutsk”, “Krasnoyarsk-Almaty-Irkutsk " (details of the campaign can be found on the website

The main topics of the seminar concerned the practices of air transportation for branded tariffs, consideration of sales features of flights and additional services of various airlines, sales of railway and bus transportation from the terminals "Sirena-Travel" GDS. A lot of time was devoted to the presentation and explanation of the features of the new Sirena-Travel and TCH project - "Avia +", which combines the avia content of  TCH Air Transport Settlement System and IATA BSP.


Following the discussion of the key topics, practical consultations were organized on the issuing of air transportation and the actions of cashiers in accordance with the rules for the sale of airline services.