On March 6 took place the ceremonial signing of a cooperation agreement between Sirena-Travel and Turkish Airlines for organization of transportation sales through a modern Russian booking system, which has the widest distribution network in Russia.

The agreement was concluded as part of the entry of Turkish Airlines into the Russian Air Transport Settlement System (ATSS) for sales of transportation on ATSS forms and ATSS electronic tickets, as well as for settlements for air transportation. The corresponding agreement was signed with the Transport Clearing House (TCH).

Sirena-Travel CEO, Mikhail Baskakov said: “This day was preceded by long and serious negotiations. Signing of this contract for us is a historic step, because Turkish Airlines is today the largest foreign air carrier that sells tickets in Russia. Such relations are very important for TCH and Sirena-Travel. I hope that this is an important step in expanding the sales network on Russian territory. Our task is to repeatedly raise sales, so that everyone will benefit from it:  the passengers in the first place. I hope that the business will expand". 
Deputy General Director for Marketing and Sales of Turkish Airlines Ahmet Olmushtur: "The agreement of intent was signed in 2011 and today we have completed this process. Over the past 8 years much has changed, the Russian market is very important for us. It is among the top three largest markets after Italy and Germany. Today we are flying to 10 cities of Russia. The signed agreement will increase sales and use the potential that exists not only in Moscow and St. Petersburg. I thank everyone who participated in the process of this contract conclusion. "

Commercial Director of Sirena-Travel, Marina Volodina added: “We are happy that our efforts have been completed with success. Such cooperation will be beneficial to all. "

Turkish Airlines is one of the largest airlines in Europe, which operates flights to more countries of the world than any other airline. Within the framework of new partnerships and thanks to the unique capabilities of Sirena-Travel GDS, the airline will open up prospects for a significant increase in sales in the regions of the Russian Federation.

Today, ATSS combines 76 Russian and foreign airlines, more than 20 major service and service providers, 700 accredited agencies, over 4,000 accredited points of sale of air transportation in 22 countries.

Participation in ATSS allows the airline significantly expand its distribution network and its capabilities in the market due 700 accredited TCH agencies, to obtain transparent financial reporting, as well as to avoid the risk of revenue losses.