Sirena-Travel CJSC together with its partners, Smartavia Airlines and Transport Clearing House held a first seminar in Murmansk on the sale of air tickets and additional services through Sirena-Travel GDS.

The seminar was held on April 17 and gathered 27 participants. The main topics were the sale of combined content and additional services in Sirena-Travel GDS, as well as acquaintance with the new online product of TCH for implementation of air and railway transportation by the “Klever” web-system.

 Smartavia Airlines (before rebranding - Nordavia) introduced a new flight program and tariff groups, as well as the conditions for transportation of baggage and hand baggage on their flights and introduced participants the additional services provided to passengers.

The participants of the seminar noted the practical orientation of the seminar, the opportunity to compare their experience with the experience of colleagues and the relevance of the information received.