On June 1-3, the 75th IATA General Assembly was held in Seoul (Republic of Korea).  IATA's government annually gathers top management of global airlines and key industry partners. "Sirena", which has been a strategic partner of IATA since 2013, took part in the work of the assembly.

The event included the signing of a Memorandum of Cooperation between IATA and "Sirena", aimed at implementing an IATA technical solution Timatic Auto Check. Providing access to IATA Timatic is an important step in terms of compliance with international security requirements.

Timatic is a centralized IATA directory, a single international database of current requirements of different countries, which contains information about the rules and documents required for passengers crossing state borders. According to Marina Volodina, Commercial Director of "Sirena", “the signing of the Memorandum opens up new opportunities for our customers, in particular, the use of IATA Timatic Auto Check solution through the Sirena- Travel GDS.”

Now, airlines, agencies and airports at the stage of flight booking and check-in will be able to have access to critical information, such as the need for an entry visa or the required validity of a passport. Timely access to such data will avoid penal fines and repatriation costs.

The Assembly adopted five IATA resolutions concerning the introduction of environmentally friendly biofuels, harmonization of the system of slots for takeoffs and landings at airports, the transition to biometric identification of passengers and tracking of baggage using radio tags, and the improvement of air transportation for people with disabilities. The resolutions adopted outlined the priorities for the future development of all civil aviation.
About 1000 leaders of the aviation industry took part in the 75th IATA assembly.

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