Angara Airlines is one of the major carriers of local airlines in Eastern Siberia, thanks to a partnership with the company "Sirena" Angara has successfully implemented the product NEMOB2B to develop a distribution network in Mongolia.

NEMOB2B is a complex IT solution that allows quickly and efficiently organize direct agent sales in the new market.

Using NEMO B2B, Angara provides access to its resource to agents both in Russia and in Mongolia. Functional NEMO B2B provides ample opportunities for searching necessary transportation and ticketing. The agent works in a convenient interface that is easy to install and does not require special skills to start working with it.

Angara Airlines

Angara Airlines is one of the main air carriers of Eastern Siberia and operates regular passenger flights in Irkutsk Region, Siberia and the Far Eastern Federal District, as well as charter flights in Russia.

The share of the regional airline market is about 70%. In the month of "Angara" performs about 200 flights and takes 1 place at the airport of Irkutsk in the number of aircraft departures. Airline "Angara" provides passenger service in all the airports of the Irkutsk region.