16.3 million passengers were registered in the ASTRA passenger and baggage check-in system In the first 6 months of 2019. The increase in passenger traffic in relation to the same period in 2018 was 9%.
According to the company "Sirena" - the developer of the software complex DCS ASTRA, the number of passengers registered via the Internet has increased by 6%.

Currently, the registration system DCS ASTRA is operated in more than 280 airports in Russia, the CIS countries and abroad. The system is designed and operated in accordance with IATA resolutions and rules, supports all types of standard messages that ensure the interaction of registration systems with backup systems and provides the entire set of functions available to systems of the same type.

A distinctive feature of the system is high mobility, reliability, ease of operation and interaction with equipment and existing services, as well as ease of adaptation of the system to the needs of the airport. DCS ASTRA has significant potential for expanding functionality in the future.

DCS Astra (Departure Control System "Astra") is a modern multilingual host system that ensures that all the necessary operations are performed automatically in the process of checking in passengers and baggage, maintaining a seasonal schedule and monitoring the implementation of a daily flight plan.