We are pleased to present to your attention a completely new innovative product - Mixvel system - an advanced technological solution for the tourism industry.

For success in the modern tourism market, it is necessary to use such solutions that will help expand the existing framework.

The Mixvel system is designed to improve the business of travel agencies and open for them new development prospects. This is the case when innovative technologies give the agent a competitive advantage that helps to significantly improve the quality of customer service.

Mixvel not only automates the search and sale of any travel content, but also performs a number of other important distribution tasks:


  • Accelerating the system: now you do not need to spend precious minutes on a long wait;
  • The ability to select combined routes, for example: airplane + bus, etc .;
  • Increasing the amount of sales through the implementation of unique and popular additional content (airline tickets and additional services, hotel reservations, etc.);
  • Control of all work processes using a mobile application that allows not only to manage orders, but also to track all points of sale.
  • Building financial policies and analytics: studying the sales funnel and all aspects of media planning;
  • Carrying out automated refunds, as well as resolving additional issues related to the acquisition of services;
  • Customer support at all stages of the purchase and, most importantly, after the purchase as well.

The Mixvel system is designed for offline and online agents who want to organize their activities efficiently, make most of the processes automatic, increasing the quality of the services offered. Mixvel does not require additional highly specialized training of employees, allows you to quickly get started.

Mixvel supports any technology and protocols, and also integrates with back-office and typical web-engines - this allows you to configure the work of the entire agency conveniently and on a turnkey basis with minimal costs.

Together with Mixvel, you save the most important resource you possess - your time!