The TransHost passenger service system developed by Sirena was presented at the International Railway Salon “PRO // Dvizhenie.Expo”.

TransHost is a modern platform of transport resources management and organizing sales of any transport services. Innovative technologies of the TransHost system will ensure connection of helicopter, river, bus, aviation and rail transportation.

Commenting on the results of the exhibition, Vladimir Kalyapin, Director for the implementation of IT service projects of Sirena, noted: “This is not the first time that we present TransHost system at industry events and each time we note an increase in interest in it. The exhibition "PRO // Dvizhenie.Expo" was no exception. We were asked a lot of questions about the capabilities of the system in terms of organizing sales of multimodal transportation. Technological support for the development of multimodal passenger transportation is directly connected with the successful realization of the economic potential of the whole country. Having created the TransHost system, we are one step closer to creating a single digital transport space in Russia, which allows us to make passenger transportation more accessible and convenient”.

The international railway salon "PRO // Dvizhenie.Expo" was held from August 28 to August 31, 2019 in Scherbinka at the Experimental Ring of the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Railway Transport. Representatives of 37 countries, 700 enterprises and 2,000 industry experts attended the show.