Leading Russian reservation system - Sirena-Travel GDS integrates extensive data on flights and additional services available for sale of international airlines. This significantly expands the ability of travel agencies to sell airline services.

January 29, Moscow / Dulles (Virginia, USA)

The Russian company „Sirena” and the international tariff information integrator, ATPCO, have entered into a long-term agreement on access to Routehappy Rich Content databases of aviation retail.

Three key databases will be integrated into the Russian national reservation system "Sirena-Travel":

Amenities - Information about the services available on the flight: seat selection, Wi-Fi, meals, entertainment, etc.

Universal Ticket Attributes (UTA) - information on the conditions for tariff application: exchange \ refund, use of hand luggage, seat selection, access to the business lounge, etc.

Universal Product Attributes (UPA) - visual information (photos, videos, illustrations) about the airlines products and services, including types of aircraft cabin, cities of departure, products available for purchase on board, etc.

At the first stage, "Sirena" integrates the Amenities database into its Mixvel e-commerce platform, which will significantly expand and improve the range of airborne retail services offered by agencies. In the future, UTA and UPA bases will be implemented into Sirena-Travel reservation system.

With the signing of this agreement, "Sirena" has joined one of the leading international reservation systems, forming innovative offers for travelers who can now see more than just the price and schedule.

“Innovation has always been the focus of our attention,” said Innokenty Baskakov, deputy general director for product development at Sirena. - The most advanced global solutions and opportunities in the field of aviation retail will now be available to passengers and agencies - our customers. We can talk about the new era of aviation retail in Russia and the CIS. ”

“We are pleased to begin the year 2020 with such good news,” said Chris Phillips, Director of International Accounts at APCO. - The signing of the agreement means that we are even closer to ensure that our products are present in every corner of the world. ATPCO strives to meet the expectations of customers, and now agencies and travelers in Russia and the CIS will be able to get a completely new experience thanks to the Sirena.

ATPCO (The Airline Tariff Publishing Company) is an organization founded in 1965 by airlines in order to develop effective consolidation and distribution of tariffs for air transportation. ATPCO provides a universal platform that provides up-to-date tariff data and related information in standardized formats that support the individual pricing requirements of airlines. This data is regularly supplied to GDS, pricing systems, government agencies and other organizations. The scope and frequency of updates of ATPCO information provide airlines with completeness of tariff information in all sales channels. ATPCO solutions are used by customers in more than 200 countries.


“Sirena” is a leading Russian provider of information technology for the transport industry, a leader in the distribution of aviation services. The company develops solutions and products for automating the business processes of airlines, airports and transportation agencies. “Sirena” booking system includes not only flights of all Russian and CIS airlines operating regular flights, but also foreign airlines that are fully open for booking. The range of Siren solutions includes booking and selling transportation via the Internet, services for obtaining statistics, managing a sub-agent network, and selling non-aviation services. Sirena is a strategic partner of IATA.

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