Sirena announces the start of the use of the Transhost passenger service system by SKOL Airlines to manage helicopter transportation resources and sales.
Transhost system was designed taking into account the business processes of helicopter carriers, which are characterized by multi-shoulder complex routes and the lack of infrastructure at the points of departure.
The main value for carriers is the unique functionality of the system, which implements the full cycle of passenger service with the execution of all transportation and fiscal documents anywhere on the map. Airlines can provide a full range of services to passengers even without Internet access.
“Transhost” also ensures compliance with legal requirements for transport security, namely the transfer of personal data of passengers and crew to the Unified State Standard of Safety.
The consistent development of the Transhost system is an important step towards the formation of a unified digital transport space in Russia, which allows making passenger transportation more accessible, convenient and safe, reducing business costs and expanding transit opportunities.

SKOL Airlines is one of the leaders in the Russian helicopter services market with a twenty-year history. The air fleet consists of 67 aircraft, including AS-350B3, Mi-8 helicopters, Cessna 208B Grand Caravan light-engine aircraft, and Yak-40 aircraft in Premium configuration. More information on the site