The volume of registered air passengers and baggage in the Russian DCS ASTRA system during 2019 showed steady growth dynamics.

According to “Sirena” company, the developer of the software package, according to the results of the year, the total number of registered passengers reached 39 million, which amounted to 13% growth compared to 2018.

This data also includes web check-in - 8.9 million passengers, which is 7% more than in 2018.

The volume of checked baggage amounted to 5.3 million units, an increase of 4%.

The number of scheduled flights amounted to 344 357 - 5470 more flights than in 2018.

Passenger and baggage check-in system DCS ASTRA is designed and operates in accordance with IATA resolutions and rules, supports all types of standard messages, ensuring the interaction of check-in systems with reservation systems and provides the full range of functions available for systems of the same type.

Currently, DCS ASTRA is operated in more than 320 airports in Russia, CIS countries and abroad.

A distinctive feature of the system can be called high mobility, reliability, ease of operation and interaction with equipment and existing services, as well as ease of adaptation to the needs of the airport.

“Sirena” is a leading Russian provider of information technology for the transport industry, a leader in the distribution of aviation services. The company develops solutions and products for automating the business processes of airlines, airports and transportation agencies. “Sirena” booking system includes not only flights of all Russian and CIS airlines operating regular flights, but also foreign airlines that are fully open for booking. The range of Siren solutions includes booking and selling transportation via the Internet, services for obtaining statistics, managing a sub-agent network, and selling non-aviation services. Sirena is a strategic partner of IATA.

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DCS Аstra (Departure Control System «Astra») — it is a modern multilingual host system that provides automatic execution of all necessary operations of the process of passengers and baggage check-in, maintaining a seasonal schedule and monitoring the implementation of the daily flight plan.

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