A new version of terminal 1.71b (Rev.6) has been installed in Sirena-Travel GDS, which implements software improvements in the graphical application “Rail Transportation”.

The list of improvements:

1. An additional feature for the train and carriage is added - a special sales mode, which indicates that a limited amount of space can be arranged in a given train / carriage to maintain social distance in a pandemic.
2. Now you can get one blank of the Control Coupon  from the order. To do this, you need to set a “tick” in the window with the necessary ticket and select the “Print” button. If you do not select tickets from the order or select several tickets, then when you select the "Print" button, pdf document files for the entire order will be received.
3. To prevent the issuance of duplicate tickets for the same passenger with the same travel parameters, a revision has been made to transmit the information received from the provider. When you go to the work page with the order, a warning message is displayed, which can be ignored and continue processing further. The message indicates the order number, where there is a passenger with similar data. The message is for informational purposes only.